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Top Secret [TSR]

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3 hours ago, Spence said:

The open collaborative has been tried. 

Here on this forum. 


I followed along a bit and had planned to see if anything came up I could realistically help with.  The things slewed.  Too many people were trying to use the project for personal agendas instead of simply a game intro.  


So I backed away slowly and carefully like a deer trying not to provoke an attack from wolves....


A wiki is better , because:

1) things don't get lost in long threads.

2) we can have a page of goals and goal discussions


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As a stand-alone one-thin-book complete game, too.    

So publish a small setting book featuring angsty pouch-riddled gun nuts and call _that_ Dark Champions.   Or ditch the name completely.  Given the last couple of decades of both and emo cult

If I had a big staff and plenty of energy, I'd want to put out more time period Champions books like Platinum Age Champions (Sherlock Holmes era basically), Silver Age, Cold War, etc.  Like War Hero,

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