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So I'm on a mad rampage of Power Creation (+1.5, Variable Advantage x2) limited only by being Gainfully Employed (-4).  


For this power, I wanted a power that literally leaches the memories out of the target.  I thought it'd be sweet to have it require a roll using the stolen INT points to activate it!  So the more of a person't INT you steal the easier it is to read memories.  


Steal Memory:  Drain INT 3d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +1) (60 Active Points); Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Incantations (-1/4), Cost: 34 

Read Drain Memory:  Telepathy 3d6 (15 Active Points); Requires A Roll (Skill roll; Roll based on Stolen INT; -1/2), Linked (Steal Memory; -1/2), Cost: 7

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A mental transformation is probably better than a drain INT.    An INT drain does not actually remove the memories.  It may make it harder to recall some things, but the target can always take extra time to think about them.   The partial transform may be appropriate for this, so that it starts losing some memories even without fully transforming the target.


3d6 Telepathy is probably not enough.  Boost up the telepathy and use that as the main power instead of the drain.  Link the transformation to the drain.  If you add continuous to the transformation the target keeps transforming while the telepathy is active. 

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Mental T-form would work.


Since theres not really any sort of mechanic that directly affects memory or any way to change a build (count the body of your T-form and build something different, but you dont buy memory, and INT is more than just memory, etc)


I would suggest PSLs to be applied against any INT- based skill (I dont remember how to do that) or any INT roll to recall something.


Depending on the power levels in your game,  a T-form that gives "requires an INT roll beforw you do _anything_" combine with either INT drain or INT PSLs would nicely do the trick.



(Note: nor being abrupt; typing on a phone)



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6 minutes ago, Hugh Neilson said:

If you make the Telepathy Cumulative, it can gradually build until it reaches into memories.


You could use a Change Environment rather than the  INT drain to require the target to make an INT roll (at penalties, possibly customized to accumulate higher penalties) to access their own memories.




You'd want to consider making it sticky on the target, though, or risk them walking too far and getting their memory back.

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My vision was another villain power that he uses on captives.  Yeah, I've focused a LOT of my reading on the Power Advantages & Limitations so far because I think everything makes a lot more sense when you start understanding the modifiers.  I would need to beef up telepathy a LOT more, but I like the idea of it being Cumulative more.  It would probably be a shorter-term thing, but I kinda like the idea of wrapping some mechanics around memories as a really complex system for psionics would be pretty awesome if I wanted to do a telepath campaign along the lines of Babylon 5.  



@LoneWolf, forgive me as I am new!  Are you talking about a Transform power that affects the user of Steal Memory to basically "transform" their mind into the mind of the other person?  

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A mental transform can be used to remove memories and even skills.  You are transforming the target into a person without the memories you took from them.  You could even take all memories leaving the target with absolutely no memories at all like having total amnesia.  

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