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Options for the templates/packages

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Fixed abilities (e.g. all newspaper boys get TF: bicycles) just purchase and save the character data as a template.


select x of the following list is best handled by naming a list just that and saving as a prefab.  Have that prefab loaded and saved with the character template.


This character gets X skills (general rule) is something you’d either need to communicate as a gm or setup with point limits under the campaign rules.

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1 hour ago, HeroGM said:

Yeah I was looking at some of the store brought templates and it seems to bounce around different ways and a few I'm trying to figure out how to do and make sense (policeman and plucky orphan from Golden Age 6e)


There are endless ways to most everything in Hero.  Both it's greatest strength and greatest weakness.


You probably already know this, but I just wanted to pop in and mention that while Hero Designer is written to follow the rules as written, it has a powerful and easy to use way to build custom everything.  If you find you can't quite get something just the way you want, you can build that in as a custom item.  I'm always impressed in how easy it is to build in a house-rule, even for someone like me.

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I have most of this and the policeman done. Tring to figure out the best way to do the options for it and some of the other packages as well. i had to go with a custom Disad/complication since Wealth/Money isn't listed in the Complications tab and Destitute/Poor didn't appear to be in the Money section under Perks. 


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