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Speedster Minimums

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14 hours ago, dmjalund said:

maybe a desolid at full move power


1 hour ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Just realized that if I kept the Speedster to Hero Basic then Damage Negation is not an option.



Well those should have been in reverse order, but there they are.


In regard to your question about defenses, in the source materials, so far as I understand it, Speedsters get their clocks cleaned pretty easily, _if_ they get hit.  For the most part, their defense is being very, very hard to hit.


Problematically, this is a game, played with friends, and you being impossible to hit (super-high DCV) is pricey and it can rob some fun from your friends, too.


I like the Desolid-as-a-Defense idea (something that I never thought I would say before! ), at least in regards to hand-to-hand: you can duck and weave so fast, etc, etc.  The problem is, of course, that mechanically-necessitated, yet logically impossible "affects desolid" advantage.  It doesn't make a lot of sense that it would work if your "desolid" is ducking and weaving, does it?


Perhaps (if it is not you) discuss with your GM the idea of this desolid is only valid against hand-to-hand, and you can be tagged as normal by any AoE attack as opposed to "affects Desolid."  He might go for it, or he might require two or three reasonable SFX /  types of mechanics that affect you normally  (sonics, perhaps?)


Anyway, I like it.  It's not exactly the Damage Negation you were hoping for, but it's still a neat idea!  Thanks, dmjalund!


Related but off-topic:  Is there a reason you have opted to limit this character to HERO Basic 6e?   I'm not saying you shouldn't (remember: I am the original "one thin book" booster!  :D  ), I was just curious if you were perhaps doing this as an experiment or something.




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The discrete time issue is one of the two reasons I've never played a speedster. That and the area-of-effect problem.   Those two issues just offend my sense of verisimilitude too much. I came up with

I'd still look at Passing Strike;  it's designed for speedsters.  You need 10 points in maneuvers...Passing Strike, Passing Disarm.  Those are the 2 absolute classic stunts, IMO.   The Hypercombat

@Duke Bushido, Rick Chase I was trying for some sort of pun. I saw vulnerable to Flashes somewhere to represent that with Faster than normal reading, you could be more vulnerable to a flash. I have se

Speedster is easily the most abusive character concept.  High offensive and defensive CV's, lots of movement, lots of damage dealing, good justification for being difficult to detect or damage, and of course, high SPD. 


Move by's with high OCV can be especially problematic, as speedsters can quite often do Multiple Move by's on the same or different targets, knock them down and then run completely out of sight around the corner of the building.  If the speedsters damage classes aren't capped well below everyone elses the other team members will just be mopping up after speedy boi zooms in and knocks everyone down and then runs out of harms way, only to do it again before the other characters even move.


Probably the single greatest sfx description I ever heard came from a speedster player.  'Can I run up to him and hit him?'  'Sure, he's in sight'  'I'll fire my PD Energy Blast at him.  The sfx is I run up and hit him and then run right back here so fast he can't react' '........'


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@Duke Bushido, no originally I didn’t have a specific rule set in mind. (When HB first came out I had aspirations of creating sample characters for new people to use).  The thing is if I said Brick, I know start at High (genre appropriate) STR is good. Everything else is more or less just extra on the Brick. Martial Artist? Buy martial arts and everything else is extra. Speedster seems to be that archetype (to me) is harder to nail down so to speak. I’m just looking at creating a basic, no-frills, clearly identifiable Speedster. (Low point at this point). 

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Okay here is Zenith, working Prototype of Speedster



STR 15 DEX 24 CON 20 INT 10 EGO 10 PRE 10


PD 10 ED 8 REC 10 END 40 STUN 30


Super Speed

30m Run

+5 HA; must run

Instant Change

Res Protection 10 PD/ 10 ED; Must Run

+3 All Non combat skills: Counteract Time Penalties, Costs END

+2 w/Move Bys



Secret ID: Rick Chase

Psy Comp: Impulsive

Rivalry: Other Speedsters

Vuln: 11/2 Flashes


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:rofl:  :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:  


"Rick _Chase_"    :rofl:



"Vulnerable to _Flashes_."     :rofl:



Either those are the best coincidental bits I've seen a good while, or you found your humor to be subtle and razor edged this morning.  :D    Coincidence or conscious incident,  don't change a thing.  I love it!  :D


I actually really like the "counter act time penalties," too.  I've never specifically done that, which is odd, because I _have_ done some really goofy things in attempts to create a similar thing (most of which were _disastrous_  :rofl: ).    I think the most hilariously bad one was buying free-floating chunks of time chart modifiers to apply to various powers as needed.......  


Go ahead: if I can laugh about it (thirty years later), you can too!   :D



Seriously, though, N-B: I think it's a rock-solid speedster mannequin, ready to be dressed up and personalized.


Well done.



On 11/27/2020 at 11:57 PM, dmjalund said:

 Albert a +1/4 advantage on Desolid would be "Unusual Special Effect" meaning a generic "affects Desolid" won't work, but a more specific one will





That might be fun to tinker with, but maybe we should model it as some sort of variant of AVAD?  Call it DVAA-- Defense versus alternate attack?   :rofl:



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@Duke Bushido, Rick Chase I was trying for some sort of pun. I saw vulnerable to Flashes somewhere to represent that with Faster than normal reading, you could be more vulnerable to a flash. I have seen it also a justification for Flash Def. You recover quicker than normal. The +3 Non combat skill is did get from CC though it’s listed as +9 skill levels. I am looking to build beginning Super though.

Now that I think of it, Gavin Chase would be more punnish!

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16 minutes ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Also Duke not sure which edition it changed but Running for Characters (not vehicles) don’t have a Turn Mode at the Base level. You can take it as a limitation now.



Thank you for thinking of me, but I'd actually have to look that up myself-- I don't know, either.  I don't know that Running ever had a Turn mode, to be honest; at least, we've never played it that way.  I mentioned Freight Train's Turn Mode problems because he has "requires a turn mode" as a limitation after the bottom quarter of his movement, and it doubles after the bottom 3/4 of his movement.  In cleaner terms: the faster he goes, the harder it is for him to turn (his SFX being that he is a magnet for kinetic energy, and the more he draws in, the more difficult it is for him to control.

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Okay I pulled a little rules lawyering for this next ability. For those who don’t know, in 6th now if you do a Multiple Move By, it’s considered a Multiple Attack. A Multiple Attack halves your DCV. So Zenith goes from DCV 8 to DCV 4-Ouch! Previous edition I believe you still only suffer the -2 DCV for Move By. So I bought +4 DCV only with Move Bys (-1). So I should get a total of DCV 6. The same as pre 6th.  I’m not trying to be totally greedy here.

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