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1963 [Image]

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On 11/28/2020 at 12:10 PM, Christopher R Taylor said:

In my humble opinion, given the state of comic books and modern culture, retro games are the best settings for Champions.


I can agree with that. The Cold War allows us to have some good Commie villains. You can play some straight 4-color games with a few wink wink nudge nudge at the camera. 


"1963" was written as a parody of Marvel as much as anything - though a serious parody. It has all the fun tropes. I loved the Fury calling his mom during the fight [and have pulled a similar stunt in one game]. 


I honestly miss books like those. Yes DC is doing Black Label, and they still have the Multiverse. They've gone so overboard with some of it [re. Dark Multiverse] and some of it is GOOD, but played to death [Curse of the White Knight]. 


I'm a product of the Bronze Age I guess. Stories that were self contained or lasted 3 issues. Very few crossed over to other books or went big on past issues. If they did you always had that fun box "as seen in issue xxx of blank"



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@Ninja-BearModern game with Silver Age mentalities is the way to go.


I love 1963 too, and there were plans for an Annual to end the limited-run series, but I always heard that 1963 didn't sell well enough for the final book to be produced. It'd be great if Image would collect all of the issues, including the unpublished Annual and perhaps some additional unpublished material, into a collected edition. I'm sure that it would sell better today. I think the satire would be appreciated now. The 1963 letters column penned by Alan Moore was hilarious!


Image also published the Silver Age Kirby homage series G0DLAND by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli. I enjoyed it too.

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