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The way to do it is to purchase a high dice attack and put increasing limitations on each dice past the base.   So purchase the normal amount of damage for his punch with no limitations and put ¼ limitation on the first increment,  then a ½ on the next, and /34 on the next until you reach the maximum dice.  Check with your GM for what he thinks the limitation is worth.  


If your campaign has limits on damage this probably is not going to work without a waiver from the GM. 

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It's not complicated but it's long.


Basically you buy +X DC's that only work when the previous attack hits. But you can't just buy it once, you have to buy it as many times as necessary to reach your maximum conceived damage. So if you start at 10 DC's base you have to buy +2 DC's five times to reach 20 DC max. 


The Limitation on each successive DC add should be higher than the previous and you can also link them. The Limitation will also depend on your OCV,. If you typically need a 15 or less to hit the campaign average opponent don't expect much of a Limitation but if you need a 10 or 11 or less.

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