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Will there be a writeup book for heroes?

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Great Fish!


I can't _believe_ we forgot about---


Okay, let me introduce you to what is, in my own opinion, the single best book to come out of 6 thus far (and yes; I am including the actual rules manuals themselves in that comparison):




Yep.  Not only are they "templates" (honestly, they are fully-realized characters in their own right), not only are they all....   What's a good word for "recognizable" that doesn't risk suggesting there may have been a need to talk to other IP owners about doing this before actually doing it?  :lol:     Homage!   Not only are they beautiful homages to...  well, you'll know them when you see them-- but there are a lot of known "good guys" in there.  This book is, in my own opinion, the most useful thing thus far to come out of 6e.  (I didn't see the POD option listed anymore, but you might enquire, if you prefer paper).  It's also the best laid-out character book to come out of the company in it's entire forty-year history.  Sadly, it's painfully short.  :( 


But don't take _my_ word for it!   


Take _my_ word for it instead:






start at about 5 minutes to skip the conclusion of thoughts on another topic.




I do these the moment I get home from work, as the long hours I work don't leave much sunshine available to me (and the sick bastards that insist on shifting the time every winter do nothing but assure I don't see daylight for months.  Dicks.  )  Accordingly, yeah-- my hands are dirty.  Just cope with it.



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On 11/28/2020 at 5:27 PM, archer said:

If you're looking for some ideas, that first link is to fan-created hero teams. Mostly they're not fully written up character sheets but there are some in there.


I can't speak for Archer's other two links, but I used the Hero Theme Team thread to populate my prior Champions campaign world with hero teams.  It's relatively rare that I actually need full writeups for NPC heroes - based on the info in the HTT thread I can usually wing what they can do for typical interactions, and IME players don't like sharing the spotlight with NPCs unless they're the opposition so they're rarely used in combat.  (There are some exceptions - for example, the heroes loved working with Rhode Island Red, so he got the full writeup treatment.)

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I prefer doing villain ideas myself, but I did provide some hero ideas myself.


I don't have the template book myself, but I did see the templates in the back of 6ed Champions book. There basically the same thing for the same purpose. And there is the follow up PDF.


One of the favorite pastimes for character creators is to take a favorite superhero and make them villains. What would an evil Sailor Moon homage look like? An evil Tuxedo Mask? An evil Yami Yugi? An evil Captain America? An evil Batman?


...well, that is really up to you. Like a good Green Goblin. A heroic Magneto. A heroic Joker. I can go on.

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Will HERO republish/reformat the Island of the Destroyer you just made available?


Its being Transformed (minor, 3d6) from a Community Project book into an official Hero book.  I want to say because its so awesome but the reality is because DriveThruRPG will only do POD versions of books if they sell a bajillion copies, so Jason decided to just go with it through Hero.

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24 minutes ago, Tech said:

I've used the 'forgotten' (but not to the campaign I'm in) villains and the seasoned players are like "wow, it's him again!" when they do show up. It's fun to see that reaction.


Never heard of Hero Games being called a 'cockroach'

I have never heard it either. 


I have a little pet project of "Generic" heroes for the OP GENERIC HEROES not a whole book by any means but a group that is a good basis for other types


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On 12/4/2020 at 4:44 PM, Tech said:

Never heard of Hero Games being called a 'cockroach'


26 minutes ago, steriaca said:

You know how hard it seems to be to kill a cockroach. Well...


And like a cockroach, even a nuke wouldn't kill it.  Heck, with Hero Games, that would be considered a "nuclear accident" and probably give it new powers.

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