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Idea: Death Race in Hudson City


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Every year a mysterious Maffia boss forces some tough people to run the Death Race in Hudson City.

Lots of money in bets around the world, hidden cameras in the cars and the streets, thousands of spectators, the police trying to stop them or infiltrate a driver, drivers running for their lives or the money or trying to discover and kill this boss.

Well, I only have this idea, but could grow into an adventure. Drawbacks I see so far, which is the race course to follow and why the police could not stop them with helicopters.


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9 hours ago, Jmonty said:

why the police could not stop them with helicopters.




Because there are multiple courses.  Each driver will have a unique course, concealed from him until he picks up his car for the race.  The mysterious organizers of the event spend weeks determining alternate routes of equal length and approximately the same number of turns, traffic, and other difficulties, and they ensure that there is plenty of path-crossing, periodic points of paralleling (Wow!  I could have written for Marvel! ) and things like that, just to ensure that driver rivalries have an opportunity to express themselves, and of course, for the mayhem two rival drivers may involve themselves in.


More than "X" amount of variation from the predetermined course results in disqualifications, which, of course, can have its own mob-related consequences.  Exceptions have to be made for sections that are genuinely impassable (perhaps some construction has ripped open a road that, three months ago, was perfectly fine) simply because failure to finish the race for any reason but mechanical failure, crashing out, or getting apprehended also have mob-related consequences.


Courses are put into envelopes, selected randomly, and distributed by courier in the wee hours of the morning of the race, along with times and the starting and finish points of that particular course.


Not only does this keep the actual date of the race a secret until the day it happens, it ensures that there is too much action in too many places for police-- car or helicopter-- to realistically stop all of it.  This has the fortunate side effect of making the police into part of the traffic hazard, as cars will stop for the sirens, and road blocks will be thrown up based purely on guesswork and hope.  Roadblocks will be poorly manned and likely even highly-passable, as the police will be spread too thin to reinforce one another.  As to the choppers-- well, there are only so many choppers to being with, the participants are required to keep their cars painted as typical civilian vehicles, and the tunnels, parking garages, and canyons between the skyscrapers provide great places to shake things up, making it difficult to track just who went where.






How's that work?

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If you want to take a cue from the original movie, the winner is not the person who crosses the finish line first, but who has the largest point total when they cross the finish line.


And how can they get points? 1 for each person they kill. 10 for each police car destroyed. A variable number for each crime they assist on the way.

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Well, I should have figured the police could be very busy this day with a great number of incidents and calls, not all of them for real but they must check them anyway.

The points thing is interesting, but killing innocent bystanders is not OK. Killing a rival, or the police, on the other hand...

This adventure can be fun, but must be written as a screenplay with charcters and motivations.

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On 12/23/2020 at 1:44 PM, shadowcat1313 said:

an interesting idea, are the cars armed? might be time to dust off Autoduel Champions


In my mind the cars are like the ones in the 2008 movie. In the 5th edition Ultimate Vehicle we can find some of these gadgets (the Supercar in page 46 has many of them). I like things from the movie like the tombstone droppable panel (this makes more sense in surpass a car with forward machine guns) and the idea of activating weapons or gadgets only when arriving to certain places.

But I would like to write some background story for the PCs, some motivation and things to do outside the cars, not just a race.

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