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Armor Body Location Picture


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My players are starting to use sectional armor.  Does anyone have a humanoid body location picture with the various HERO Hit Locations Boxed out.  I was looking for a good image to modify, but my editing skills on something like this are lacking.  I was hoping to find something with Head, Shoulder, Arm, Hand, Chest, Stomach, Vitals, Thigh, Leg and Foot.  Thank you in advance.

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1 hour ago, Duke Bushido said:

I looked fir years for an official one,but to no avail.


It seems the non-specific nature of Location 13 kind of messes up drawing it.


Funny you should mention this now;I just posted in a diffwrent thread a homebrewed location chart we came up with to address that very thing- sectional armor, I mean.




I found this image. Don't know how useful it will be though....




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