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Missing 3rd Edition Character Sheet

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I am looking for help identifying a character sheet I only can describe from memory and using an example picture. 


Back when I was a young I was into 3rd edition. I had the 5 character sheets that appear to be in the 3rd edition PDF. However there was another one that I do not know where I can find now. I do not have the original book so I do not know if it was removed from the PDF version or if it was perhaps in a supplement. It used the same artistic style as the ones in the 3rd edition book but was an outline of a larger man walking towards you. If you look at this link, it was very similar to this illustration of the Hulk. Can anyone remember where this sheet was from and/or where it can be found now?




Any information greatly appreciated!



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 I think he's looking for the character templates where you would draw / color in the costume. 


I'll try and look through my stuff and see if I can find what you're referring to, Ander.  Unfortunately, the stuff in my basement was all rearranged (and some stuff moved to a storage area) due to having massive work done down there this fall, so it may take a while.

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All the published sheets from the fist three editions, originally scanned from my own books:



There may or may not be some colorinf go the logos; I coulsnt remembrr which dile was which, but the portraits are unchanged.


If its not in there, its nit from one od the core books.

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On 12/16/2020 at 12:31 PM, Duke Bushido said:

All the published sheets from the fist three editions, originally scanned from my own books:



My memory must be worse now than I thought or my imagination must of been very good back then. There are a couple you have in there for 3E I have never seen before which makes my head hurt thinking about. I had 3E and many of the supplement books for 3E. How I do not remember all of those sheets I do not know. I was very young though. Anyway, it's likely the large male you have there is the one I was trying to pinpoint and was remembering/imaginating wrong. 


Thank you for sharing all of these. I had only found a couple 3E sheets elsewhere and you have them all plus extras. It is greatly appreciated!

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You are certainly welcome.


The link is still good, for anyone interested in them; I will leave it likely through the weekend.


Dont open them,in-browser if you need them; right click the individual,sheets and download; they are all png files.


Typically, I use the ones marjed "open no logo."  That way I can drop in any of the poses from the three editions onto whatever format the player prefers and then add in any logo from any edition: Champions, allies, enemies, super agents, etc.


Its not a big fancy thing, but its fun for the players, so why not?





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