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Aiding an advantage


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Short answer: No.


My suggestion: I think this proposed ability could be built as the ability to Transform the person or object with the power. Since Megascale is mandatory, you are essentially making the Q-bomb from a device with Transform: AoE to one with Transform: AoE, Megascale. At +1 BODY per 5 CP added, this is going to be costly, but for a Doomsday Device, cost is likely not an object.

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What I am aiming for specificaly:


Death Spore hits earth


tranforms a small town

then transforms the county



so the heroes are on a counting clock...figure the bomb should take a month the transform the planet and the heroes get called in when it is just starting past the little of no where town


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8 hours ago, Grailknight said:

Buy the Megascale at it's largest size and then limit it so it starts at the smallest increment and grows at your desired time intervals.

Probably will basically do that, but with a more complicated build, but this gives me the idea on how...


1d6AE transforms

Megascale / Extra time per turn

10 km per min, etc...


will need to play with the numbers...

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