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The Ultimate Vehicle: Commando 'mech (COM-1C variant)


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I took a stab at another mech from the Battletech board game:


Commando COM-1C:


Size: 8 (25 tons) cost: 40 pts

Length: 6.4" (12.8 meters)

Width: 3.2" (6.4 meters)

DCV: -5

STR: 50

KB: -8

BODY: 18

DEX: 18 (cost 24 pts)

SPD: 4 (cost 20 pts)

Movement: 10" combat movement (97 km/h), 20" non-combat (correct me please, if wrong)



Light autocannon (RKA 3d6, 45 charges [1 ton of ammo], OIF bulky), 34 pts total

Medium laser (RKA 3d6+1, increased END cost [x3, 15 END per shot], OIF bulky), 16 pts total


Power plant:

Endurance reserve (60 END [6pts], 30 REC [30pts], OIF bulky, Only powers electrical devices),  28pts total



Extra limbs, arms and legs, limited manipulation, 4pts

Mech limbs, running 10"/20" (8pts)



Front DEF 2+8 =10 total,  (24, 180 degree coverage -½) 12 pts

Rear DEF, 2+3  =5 total (9, 180 degree coverage -½) 4 pts


Operations systems:

Mech sensors, Radar, 15 pts

Nightsight: Infrared, 2pts

Nightsight: Ultraviolet, 2pts

Mech communications: Radio/Video, 4pts


Personnel systems:

Ejection seat, 6pts

Life support (Heat, cold, radiation), costs END, 11pts



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