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For the benefit of anyone else who might need to do this:


I have never installed HCM on a Chromebook.  Since HD is working then you have Java setup.  Here are somethings to know:

  • The hcm-package.zip is not an installer and there isn't an installer available.
    • When you unzip the hcm-package.zip, you will find a hcminstaller-1.12.zip (current version) and a ReadMe.txt file
    • Copy both of those files to a temporary folder
    • Unzip the hcminstaller-1.12.zip and you will find there is a folder called HeroCombatManager
    • Copy the entire folder to the location where you want to HeroCombatManager to be 'installed'
      • Inside this folder you will find a number of files, including hcm.jar and HCM_UserManual.pdf. The hcm.jar is the actual executable Hero Combat Manager Java application.
      • At this point you will need to use Google to figure out how best to start the application.  It should start from the command line using something like:
        • java -jar hcm.jar


See how that works out.  Let me know if you need more help.


Also thank you for purchasing HCM.

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