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I think I remember that Merlin was part of the historical background of Kingdom of Champions. But I don't remember offhand how exactly he was used.


I think he was explicitly tied into one of the lost civilizations like Lyonesse or Hy-Brasil.



That's not to say that there couldn't have been a dozen men over the centuries to have credibly traded on the legend of Merlin. Linking yourself to his legend would be a nice shortcut to fame for anyone with mystical or technological skills.

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Lyonesse in 4E Kingdom of Champions was an aquatic, technologically advanced community, descended from Celts who discovered islands in the Atlantic on which the Progenitors had accidentally left some of their devices. The Celts learned to use certain of those devices, but later ignorantly. opened portals to the realm of the demonic Fomori, who invaded Earth. The Fomori were ultimately driven off with the aid of a sapient Progenitor probe, called "Danu." Danu sank Lyonesse to prevent a repetition of that accident, but the Lyonesseans used biological science to change themselves into water-breathers.


In that book Merlin was a sorcerer of uncertain birth, who was also trained in science by the Lyonessean adventurer Nimue. He aided the Roman-Celtic war chief Artorius to become king of Britain, fashioning a powerful sword for him out of a Progenitor artifact. KoC goes into quite a bit of detail on the history of Lyonesse and Camelot, but very little else about Merlin, and no character sheet.


The current official Champions Universe source book also specifies that Arthur ruled Britain from Camelot from 490 to 540 ACE; but this was the Camelot of Romantic era tales by Mallory and Tennyson, anachronisms and all (not explained . One modern official villain, Giles de Morphant aka "The Black Paladin," was an enemy of the Round Table, particularly Sir Launcelot. But again, aside from BP we have little concrete detail about Merlin, Arthur, or Camelot.

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