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Top Five Fictional Characters to Punch In the Face

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3 hours ago, Clonus said:

This guy:




The protagonist of Trash of the Count's Family.  He doesn't really deserve it.  He's a nice enough fellow.  But he was tragically born with the most punchable face in the world.  


I dunno, I feel like I would cut my knuckles on his nose....

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Tjack, I like that first line in your rant--I may steal it and modify it for my own purposes.   That said--I actually think Stark publicly revealing himself to the world as Iron Man helped h

Any five characters written by Mark Miller or drawn by Rob Liefeld.     

Lobo and Deadpool. Or better yet, the two of them can punch each other in the face... for eternity.  😡

I would never say anything bad about Prince Humperdinck.  He can track a falcon on a cloudy day, he could find me.


PS:  Although, if I give him an intense stare and then passive-aggressively threaten him he'd probably leave me alone, I guess.

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He turned out to be an interesting, sympathetic, and even occasionally badass character in Atlantis, but in Stargate: SG-1 I desperately wanted to punch Rodney McKay every time he opened his mouth.


Senator Kinsey needed to be punched in the face early and often. What a smug snake. At least *Supreme* Commander Thor put him in his place.


Oh, and Colonel Frank Simmons of the NID. John de Lancie was fantastic in that role.


What was the name of the grumpy old guy who was in charge of the Tollan the first time we met them? Yeah, I don't care. He needs a punch in the face. Pretty much all of them do.


I can't really bring myself to add Harry Maybourne to the list, as he ended up being helpful (and even likeable as King Arkhan I) later in the series.

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3 hours ago, Pariah said:

What was the name of the grumpy old guy who was in charge of the Tollan the first time we met them? Yeah, I don't care. He needs a punch in the face. Pretty much all of them do.



The character's name was Omoc, played by Tobin Bell, who later achieved horror-movie fame as Jigsaw in the Saw movie franchise. Even more deserving of a punch in the face; or maybe straight-up evisceration.


While on the subject of Stargate SG-1, I'd say no one in that series was more deserving of a face punch than NID Colonel Maybourne, that arrogant, conniving little weasel.

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In no particular order:


Mr. Collins: The walking, talking definition of "Delusions of Adequacy".


Mr. Wickham: Even given the different mores of the times, the way he chases after minors is pretty creepy.


Lady Catherine: It's a good thing She was in England, not France. She would have been one of the first in line for the national razor.


Mrs. Bennett: What a horrible, shallow, superficial, and utterly vacuous person, utterly bereft of any admirable human qualities.


Any of the Bennet sisters younger than Lizzie: Their mother's daughters in every way.

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On 1/2/2021 at 7:58 PM, Duke Bushido said:



does it say anything horrible about me that as badly as I have wanted to contribute to this thread since it went up five days ago, I still can't come up with anyone?  Fictional, I mean?


I've had that same issue, though in my case it's because I watch so little TV, see approximately no movies, and my comics reading has atrophied to near nothing.  So I've rooted around in the detritus of old memories.


Finally I recalled one.  Dr. Zachary Smith from the original old Lost In Space.


I am also tempted to put Commander McBragg in here, because almost automatic extensions of that character's behavior as seen on TV would put him into the completely insufferable category.

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