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20 minutes ago, Grailknight said:

Basically, it's just an Aid to multiple Characteristics and Powers all at once.


Longtime Hero Robert Michael Surbrook has a detailed writeup on his site.





DBZ Page is: http://www.devermore.com/surbrook/worldbooks/dbzhero/dbzhero.html

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It depends on what the power up does and how long it lasts.  The description in the link did not really give much I the way of details.  Below are a couple of ways it could be done.


If the power up transforms the character and they are able to stay that way for a significant amount of time it could be done by purchasing powers and characteristics with the limitation only in hero ID. 


If the character can only power up for a limited time, you could purchase power and characteristics with the charges limitation.  Probably continuing charges would be needed.  I built a character called minute man who was basically a martial artist who for 1 minute per day could boost his physical abilities to extremely high levels.  

You could also apply other limitation to this idea.  For example if the power up requires an item that would be a focus.  You could also probably apply the unified power limitation.  As JmOz suggested extra time and or concentration could also be used.   


Basically look at what the power up does, and what it takes to activate it and purchase appropriate powers and apply the appropriate advantages and limitations.  

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