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Superdraft: The completely unasked for "I want to be a -" fantasy (?) draft

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Sgt. Stanley Haymer was a career soldier with an unexceptional record in the supply depot of a mid-sized army base in the Midwest and would have likely served his 20 years without ever being promoted

We all need Samantha Carter, my friend. Unfortunately, the wife won't permit it.  

Ted Logan's antagonist/rival/bully is that across-all-time moronic manure target, Biff Tannen (Back to the Future franchise)

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2 hours ago, Hermit said:

Not familiar with Lucky Elliot, which is fine, as there's a lot of things I don't know, but what's the source please? :)



Creature commandoes


2 hours ago, Tjack said:

Who’s he from?  I don’t recognize CES either. 

CES are my initials


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1 hour ago, Sociotard said:

An obliviate charm, in a muggle trinket? How very unexpected!


The witch stepped over the agents she'd just incapacitated. She simply had to learn more about how muggles came by a very magical effect with one of their toys.


Applicant: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)


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   The man behind the desk finally gave in to the urge to rub at the sore spot beneath his eyepatch  *Damn Flerkin* before shouting.  
   All right Hill, now as for you. At least Stan & Ollie out there were actually on a recruitment trip.  You were supposed to be investigating a possible Empowered for detainment and came back with a new headache for me.

   Yes Sir. From the traffic camera recordings and eyewitness accounts the subject reveled his abilities after a three car pile up near Stanford University where he was touring with his parents. He was hit by a truck and was not only unhurt but proceeded to show paranormal strength and resistance to injury while extricating the injured from their vehicles   

   I made a judgement call and I persuaded the Reilly’s to send their son to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy instead of taking the scholarship he was offered. A young man of his abilities, bravery and selflessness should be working with us instead of being monitored by us.

  That’s just fine, Agent Hill.  But for your sins, since you seem to enjoy dealing with America’s youth so much you get to make this contact as well.  You should love her, the F.B.I. already dropped her application but somehow it’s ended up on my desk. There’s her file, go see Bess in Travel for your ticket to Neptune.

  Neptune, Sir?  She asked warily. 
 Yes Agent Hill, you’re going to Neptune so you can visit Mars.


   Best Friend — Connor Reilly  (Angel - TV)

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The Antagonist/Bad Guy: Cosima Niehaus (Orphan Black)


If everyone's the hero in their own story, then their opposition must be the bad guy, no matter how well-intentioned. After years of covertly experimenting on, and ruining the lives of, others, the Chief is starting to develop the barest inkling of a guilty conscience. He's doing a stint teaching college to gain access to their labs after his mansion was again destroyed, and his most brilliant student has started to get a whiff of what he's up to. Will she talk him out of his foolhardy plan to attempt to plunder the Library, or will she be tempted to go along with his plan to seek a cure for her own unique condition?  Niles has been closely monitoring her due to her unique genetic condition, and to ensure that she doesn't become aware that she's a clone. He's quite confident that his hand isn't visible in that particular project, but there's no harm in multitasking, after all.


(Our story begins around 2011, two years before the start of Orphan Black, and eight years before the events of Doom Patrol season 1.)





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   The man with the eyepatch actually smiled as he read what must be the shortest Recruit Contact Field Report in S.H.I.E.L.D. history.

            *REPORT BEGINS*

     The little bitch tazed me!
Also, she won’t be able to have any roommates because she and her father insisted she bring Backup.

                                          Signed   Lt. Cmdr. Maria Hill

            *REPORT ENDS*

   In the outer office the entire staff’s blood chilled due to a sound none of them had ever heard before... The sound of Nicholas J. Fury Commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. laughing.


   LOVE INTEREST: — Veronica Mars  (Veronica Mars - TV)

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There's nothing worse than living in fear. Fear of never being good enough. Fear of being bullied. Fear of a domineering and abusive mother.


Fear of what might happen if you ever really lost control.


In another time, this fear led to the deaths of over 70 people. But in this time (thanks to Number 5's intervention), the girl was taken to Xavier's School, where she found support, understanding, and an unlikely best friend.


The Bestie/True Friend: Carrie White



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OK, so this is a mutilation of the Fellowship of the Ring.  We gotta follow the established pattern.  If we're thinking about Ted Logan in this situation, who could possibly be less knowledgeable (if perhaps less bright) and more cheerful (perhaps they don't grasp the situation as well) than Ted, so as to play the faithful companion role?


Well, we got one.  He's used to being involved in situations where someone is trying to take over the world.


BFF: Pinky (of Pinky & the Brain)


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