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Hello Herodom,


I just happen to have this thought at work. For building a unique Martial Art Ability, I was thinking of using Indirect (on the specific power isn’t a concern) in order to hit the opponent grabbing you. Yes I know that depending on grab a GM should allow you to use available limbs. I’m just curious since this is GM area if other GMs would allow it.

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Yeah its going to be based on how you built it.  You can't just say "He has indirect so he can still hit" it has to be "he works a hand free" or "is so flexible he can kick in any direction;" something like that.  As long as you define it well and it makes sense to me, I would allow it; its a good idea.

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Cool, I knew I should’ve thrown in some examples. All three are based on being grabbed by a classic Bear Hug. First, cause I was originally thinking of building a Head Butt-er Kung Fu guy was using his head. Second was the classic Foot Smash and third (thanks Chris T) I can see flexible kick girl. (I think I remember Cynthia Rothrock doing it?).

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Yeah, these are cases where SFX can readily come into play.


A bear hug is chest to chest with the attacker's arms wrapped around the victim's back, and squeezing.


Head butt:  always allowed.  Question is, what should the damage be, and what risks are there to the head butt-er?  Head butts are risky as heck.  


Ear box...always allowed unless the hugger has armor preventing it.  And if they don't they deserve to take the damage their vic is about to dish back.  (He gets to do his full damage, translated to an AVLD vs. hearing flash def if that helps.)  On the flip side...some defenses would just suggest the ear box should just do normal damage, but it is a head shot so I might adjust for *that*.  Ok, this is getting into TL;DR range, isn't it?  I'd allow it and I'd have to think about how it'd work.


Flexi-kick...sure, with contortionist check or the like.


Foot smash...probably not in all cases.  The hugger's feet tend to be hard to reach;  the vic's body angle isn't great.  And height comparisons could also come into play;  if the hugger's 8 feet tall and is grabbing a 6 foot tall vic...forget it.  

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2 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

with YOUR head which is clearly less than ideal.



:rofl:   :rofl:  :rofl:  


Laddie...  don't think you ought to...  rephrase that...?  [/Scotty]



in all seriousness, though:


The earbox should get a STUN multiplier.  It's unbelievably painful, can easily result in permanent damage--


and I mentioned insanely painful when done correctly, right?




Actually, rethinking it, it's more like a Flash that does damage.


Either way, though:  


As you can see, N-B, you're not alone:  an Indirect Power described as a maneuver is clearly something we can all accept, with the right justification.

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Heck, nothing I mentioned there requires Indirect.  It's an *option*, sure, but the ear box shouldn't need it.


Nah, I'll leave it as written. :) Unless Dan objects. 

Heh...re-doing a very nasty brawler concept in 5E and 6E terms.  The tricks:  Extra Limbs, Stretching (limited body parts, no noncombat stretching), and a bunch more STR, only with the extra limbs.  Translation:  poor man's TK, since a TK punch has a range mod and this *doesn't*.  But Stretching gives a degree of Indirect too.  Bear hug me????  Bwaaahahaahaaa....


It even works out very nastily in 5E where Stretching is expensive, because there's a totally natural EC for the stretching and STR.  Power #3?  Flight described as wings created like the extra limbs.  

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1 hour ago, unclevlad said:

I think it's by far the most legit counter.  I'm not sure the ear box should get full damage, but there's a heckuva lot more leverage there than for a head butt, and you're striking with YOUR head which is clearly less than ideal.

That is why the character is paying points.  Btw is saw the ear box in a Batman comic. And the more I think about it, some of the sfx could also be described as Martial Escape. I might have to play around with putting on Trigger (appropriate damage) on the Martial Escape. 

Fwiw I just finished watching a movie and the character got outta a choke hold by squeezing and popping the grabbers genitals (which also killed him too😱).

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