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Dice roller: printable body/stun

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Back in the 90's, when my group would play the game where ever we could, it was tough to roll 12 to 15d6 on a McDonald's table. I came to the rescue with a little program called Diceroll.exe (at least I think that was the one). It printed a chart on an 8.5 x 11 sheet that had a percentile to roll instead of the die sixes. It listed Body and Stun for 1d6 for I think up to 30d6. I still have the program, but I need a computer with DOS. I don't have one and even if I did, I'm not sure it would connect to a USB printer. (Serial Ports and all)


Players would probably find Hero Systems Mobile. From that they can just tap the button on the screen.


Yet.  Nothing beats rolling dice. I have looked online for something that would create a Body/stun table but haven't found anything.


My only other thought is an Excel sheet (I am using Open office/Libra Office) and I figure something like a spreadsheet could do the same thing.


I would rather have something that creates a print out like what I used from before. Any ideas?  Thanks.

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[edit] I should say that our current D&D game will likely take the entire year to play  before we play another game. The Plan is to play Champions after the D&D game. But given the state of the Vaccine roll out, who knows? You are right about sending the file via email. But I am assuming we will be playing in person by the time we start to play the Champions game. We should be at a table. But 12d6 is still a LOT of dice. I think the group would love the resurrection of that table we used way back when. All I need to do is find it.


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This sounds better
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I downloaded it for Open office and instead of changing anything I just go to File -> Reload to have it re-roll the dice.

I know the easy way here is to just take what you have here and just fill out a blank spreadsheet for Body and Stun.

I think there is an app for a phone that will do just that. But I just thought I could create this "simply" and if one of my

friends said, "hey, can I have one of these?" I'd say "sure!" and I would just hit reload and have a different version.

But this thing is getting cumbersome to create. I was on reddit Excel forum for help and I don't own Excel. RANDBETWEEN(,)

seems to work, but INDEX [array] does not. I'm pulling out my hair.


I'm slow with concepts and usually think things the hard way. Thanks for what you created. I will likely create a sheet that doesn't calculate

Unless I find a different way

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