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Alphabet Game 2021


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32 minutes ago, death tribble said:

I would have thought that deSantis was the S, I always work on the surname.


We've been over this. Recall:


2 hours ago, Pariah said:

Ron DeSantis


(Yeah, I know. 'D' was already taken.)


But, if we're going to ignore the leading 'd', then I'll nominate Betsy DeVos.

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20 hours ago, Cancer said:

The next letter up is X, and I haven't been able to find an individual with a surname that starts with X.  I propose we take Marc Dutroux's name and spell it backwards, and move on from there.


Xi Jinping.  (The Chinese often come to the rescue in this thread whenever we get to Q or X.)

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for Z, Arthur Zimmermann, foreign secretary for Imperial Germany for much of WW1.  Not explicitly corrupt (in terms of taking illegal advantage for personal gain from the government he worked for), he did arrange for some less than nice things to be done to his country's enemies, e.g., for a shipment of rifles to be smuggled into Ireland to start a revolt there against the UK government, and he authorized the infamous Zimmerman telegram, proposing that Mexico ally with Germany if the US were to enter WW1 against Germany, offering them Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona as war spoils.  in 1916 he threatened the US ambassador with an uprising of 500,000 armed German-Americans if the US were to declare war on Germany.  (Ambassador Gerard replied reflexively, "In that case, we have 501,000 lampposts to hang them from.")


New Theme: extinct species.  Don't necessarily have to be real, and functionally extinct species can be used.  (A functionally extinct species still has living individuals, but those are all of the same sex so that the species goes extinct when those individuals die.)

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