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Looking for Champions 6e players

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Is anyone a Champions 6e player that lives in central Arkansas?  I am looking to connect with people nearby to communicate with about Champions and take part in adventures.  Online is good for now, but I am hoping to connect with people who my son and I can play adventures with in person eventually.  I use to play the original Champions when I was a teen and am now introducing my teenage son to Champions 6e.  We are kind of stumbling along with it by ourselves.  I am the GM for him and me, and we would like to get others involved.


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Interested but I have 36 yrs under my belt(with Hero system) to just squeeze me out from being a newb
also availble Thursdays (and sat and sun also till mid august if northern faire starts up again)

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You invited me from another thread (my intro).  I'm flattered and intere4sted, but I don't think I count as a newbie per se.  GMed for many years although that was 8-10 years ago by now.  Looking at the Champions Complete book, not that mnuch has changed from my day except the removal of "figured characteristics" (which I can see the reasoning behind). 


I live in Virginia so my presence would have to be virtual in any case.


If you do decide you'd like me to join, like if you need warm bodies, let me know and I will weigh in regarding playtime scheduling.  If not, thanks for the offer and have a great campaign!



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