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19 hours ago, Bazza said:


Whatever happened to Kara & Rachel? 


I still want to interview that guy. Who commits to a bit that hard? Hundreds of hours, thousands of posts, with no con, no scam, no plea for money that I ever saw. Two Spanish Prisoners but no ransom.  It was so brilliant in the simple stupidity of it, the whole premise of the bit was ridiculous, but the commitment sold it. Because who would lie like that so constantly for years for no reason? And why lie about being two nice people instead of just being one nice person? I just frankly long to know what the heck that was all about. It’s been more than a dozen years and my wife is still amused at my surprise, because duh, obviously those weren’t real people. But seriously, who would commit to a bit that thoroughly? No one would except some dude named Fred ( I think it was Fred?) in Missouri somewhere, because that would be insane. 

I promise you all, if this subject comes up twenty years from now, I will rant about it just the same way I am now. 

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I seem to remember being here at least six months before the news went around that Bec was both of those people. I don't know how the thing was revealed, I just saw it in a random thread Bec has been impersonating these two people, and I was like okkaaay.


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