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How to start with 6E?


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Used to play and run Champions (ran a 3rd Edition campaign for ten years!)


I would like to get back into Hero System /  Champions or at least see what the state of the art currently is.  Is 6th Edition the current state of the art?


What books/publications would I need to understand the system as I ponder getting involved again?  Just Hero System 6E and Champions?  Could it be that simple?


I looked at the offerings in the store and was bewildered by the array of options -- how do I get (re) started?


Thanks for your time!

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The leap from 3rd edition to 6th will be a bit jarring. While the core mechanics are the same, a lot has changed since 3rd edition. IMO, a gentler transition would be to play 4e first and then, if you are still really into the game, try 6e. While 4e may not technically be "state of the art", I feel it is an easier rule set to digest and use than 6e.

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