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I'm trying to build a Dancing Shield; a physical object that can be snagged out of the air with difficulty (OIF) but otherwise hovers around the owner and serves as additional defense. It acts like a regular shield, but you don't have to waggle it around. :D


There is a magic item called Soaring Shield (5e Enchanted Items 146).

Game Information: Force Field (10 PD/10 ED); 0 END (+½) (30 Active Points); Activation Roll 14- (-½), OAF (-1), Incantations (-¼), Independent (-2) (total cost: 6 points) plus +4 DCV (20 Active Points); Activation Roll 14- (-½), OAF (-1), Incantations (-¼), Independent (-2), Linked (Force Field; -¼) (total cost: 4 points). Total cost: 10 points.


Cleaning it up for 6e:

Game Information: Resistant Protection (5 PD/5 ED); Activation Roll 14- (-½), OAF (-1), Incantations (-¼) plus +4 DCV; Activation Roll 14- (-½), OAF (-1), Incantations (-¼), Linked (Resistant Protection; -¼). AP/RC: 15/5 + 20/7 = 35/12


No Shield Bash; the idea is it just floats around and blocks attacks but doesn't initiate them.


Does this seem to be a good design?

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So, does it require two activation rolls to work?

If only one of the activation rolls succeeds then does only that aspect of it work, or do both fail?

And, if both aspects are working would that make it maybe too powerful in some campaigns? Would only one of the aspects be enough?


A shield in the game only gives +X DCV to the user, it doesn't also add rPD and rED to the user, but this build does both. The person with this spell active gets +5 rPD and rEd AND +4 DCV if both activation rolls succeed. So it is really like adding a Shield and Armor to the caster. 


Which is fine, but not exactly what the "Dancing Shield" name implies. 


But I think the build and the spell are fine, but potentially pretty powerful (depending on the campaign point totals) and the addition of having to make two more rolls every time the character is attacked in combat might slow things down a bit. 


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Excellent solution.  In my campaign world there is a spell just like the one you have described.  The player would have part of a shield that had been used in a battle.  They would cast the spell, the shield part would be destroyed a magical force would 'block' incoming attacks, i.e. +3 DCV. 

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