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I bought HD in January. I am not sure there can be a huge change to this in just a couple of months, but just in case I thought why not. But how do I update. It's not in the downloads area for me to just download. That's what I would expect. Though I could swear when I bought it it was there. I have not seen it since.

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If you kept the older installation package, you could easily just create a pair of folders...one for the older, one for the newer.  Put a copy of the char sheet in both;  load em up and you can see any cost changes.  Not like HD is large or has an excessive memory footprint.


One thing I have seen is, a character load does a complete recalculation.  Sometimes this catches gotchas...a Linked where the secondary power is now more expensive than the primary it's linked to, doesn't always reflect that during editing, but can be caught on a reload.   Look over your Powers and see if something looks off.  (And Equipment if you're using that tab.)  


Oh, another possibility...if you created a new folder, perhaps there's something in your preferences or campaign rules.

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22 hours ago, Simon said:

Nope -- that's been the case for a long time now (and is part of the RAW).

then what changed ?

that seemed to be the only change I saw and I was not that far out of date
I usually check every 3 months or so unless somebody says something as in this case

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