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I'm having a problem getting abbreviations to work.


1. With Abbreviations checked and Writers Guidelines unchecked.

Example:  Armor Piercing's abbreviation is AP, but HD doesn't replace Armor Piercing with its abbreviation.

2. With Abbreviations checked and Writers Guidelines checked.

Same problem as 1.


I checked the XML and the tag ABBREVIATION on all the problems that use ABBREVIATION is spelled correctly.  So, that is not where the problem lies.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it a program bug.  It's not a XML bug as far as I can tell.


P.S.:  I'm using the March 1, 2021 update.

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Without knowing any specifics about what you're doing I can only respond with general application behavior:


ABBREVIATION in the templates defines the non-WG abbreviation to use for abilities (i.e. File -> Preferences... has "Use Abbreviations (where available)" is checked but "Use strict Writers' Guidelines compliance" is unchecked)

WGABBREVIATION in the templates defines the WG-compliant abbreviation to use (when "Use strict Writers' Guidelines compliance" is checked along with "Use Abbreviations (where available)").


If a given abbreviation is applicable (conditions are met), it will be applied to the ability so long as the ability's display/alias has not been changed from the default.  In other words, if you edit the display of "Kiling Attack - Hand-to-Hand" to read "Killing Attack (HTH)" that's where it will remain until you manually change it, regardless of what template you apply.  If you leave the display at the default and load a new template with the same default display but an abbreviation defined (with appropriate app prefs selected), it will be changed accordingly.

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