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New Superpowers PDFs From Steve!

Steve Long

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Hey, all y'all Champions players! I've got three new mini-supplements available at the Hero Games Online Store. Each of them expands on CHAMPIONS POWERS to offer an new category of powers. They are:
Aquatic Powers, which features nearly four dozen powers for characters who live in or often work underwater. Whether your character is a native of Atlantis, a water manipulator, or has powers derived from a marine animal, Aquatic Powers has just the powers you need to create him!
Hard Energy Powers let a character create energy constructs with sufficient solidity and stability to function like physical objects. Since the character can create a practically infinite variety of hard energy items based on his imagination and the perceived needs of the moment, he has far more power at his fingertips than the owner of any merely physical arsenal. Get plenty of ideas of powers such characters have in Hard Energy Powers!
Super-Magic Powers presents powers for use in creating super-mage characters who don’t use the Super-Thaumaturgy spells found in The HERO System Grimoire. Instead, these characters have powers that follow a distinct magical tradition — such as Alchemy, Black Magic, or Witchcraft — or which hide behind a veneer of Stage Magic. Super-Magic Powers provides dozens of example powers to help you build these characters.
Please check 'em out and pick yourself up a copy!

If those three aren't enough, please take a look at my PDFs of Control Powers and Insect Powers, which are still available -- and be on the lookout for more PDFs containing even more additions to Champions Powers!
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On 3/18/2021 at 9:43 PM, Mark Rand said:

I own Aquatic Powers and Hard Energy Powers.  Both are great.  I plan to buy Super-Magic Powers soon.  Keep up the great work, Steve.


Thanx! I am currently working on Super-Archery Powers and Metal Powers. I have a few ideas for a couple other power sets, but they're somewhat more complex and may require some actual rules design, so I haven't done much work on 'em yet.


On 3/18/2021 at 10:06 PM, steriaca said:

Steve, any form of Super Magic matches the powers of anime/manga style magical girls?


Unfortunately, no. I barely know anything about the genre, so I don't want to try to write for it. Sounds like it might be an interesting topic for someone to explore who knows what it's all about. :)


On 3/20/2021 at 3:34 PM, steriaca said:

Steve, I know your not exactly an "anime guy", but I expected a magical girl power list. Not that the list is bad...just incomplete (which may be the entire idea...).


I certainly understand that, but I don't know a thing about that genre, so I can't write about it. But I'm sure there's someone out there who can. ;)


On 3/21/2021 at 11:09 AM, HeroGM said:

I always go back to [Mystic Masters] as reference.



I often do myself; I love Allen Varney's take on the subgenre. And the Willingham cover is top-notch!

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On 3/21/2021 at 3:13 PM, Acroyear II said:

Hello There,


I was wondering if anyone knew if the Aquatic Powers pdf contains powers different from what was previously released in the UNTIL Superpowers Database I and II


That depends on how you look at things. It has (typically slightly tweaked) versions of many powers from Champions Powers (for which USPD I and II were of course predecessors). But there are some powers which are entirely new. There are 46 powers in total (many of which have options to change them, of course).

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You know, you can probably combo all the new products together to create Champions Powers 2.


Of course we need more powers. What new power categories can we explore?


Hard Water/Air (but that can be something similar to hard light). Note that Hard Water is not the same as Ice.


Transdimentinal Vectors (Whatever that can mean. Sometimes you just have to make shit up.)


Living Biological Factory (Desises and vaccines are us.)


Body Disassembly (Take out an eye to spy on others, your hands can craw on their own...whip someone with your own tongue. Or remove someone's head with no harm to them.)


This is harder than I thought...



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Just got the three new powers books and the Lugendu and Tariqistan Champions international books. The powers books are all pretty good, especially liked the Aquatic one. Lots of useful stuff all round. That said... the Champion International ones were a disappointment. For the price, they're kind of short as compared to the power books. Would have been nice to have some sort of map included to show their position in the world a bit better.

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Honestly, that's been a concern of mine, which I expressed to the Powers That Be. The Champions International chapters I've read so far have seemed overpriced for their length and layout. FWIW I have it on good authority that Hero Games management consider these PDFs unfinished compared to the state they'll be in when they're collected into a single volume. Given that, as much as I'd like to read them all as they come out, I'll probably wait until the final book (which defeats the purpose of the sectional book concept). :(

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I don't mind paying for content, just felt it was a little short for the price increase. At the moment, $7.50 USA = about $10.00 CDN, including the currency exchange fee so for all the CI PDFs to date, that's $37.50 USD or about $50.00 CDN. Pretty stiff for just 99 pages.


Anyhow, still good stuff. Been wanting material on Otanga's country for ages. Lugendu fills a hole. Tariqistan not as much but I've never lined up well with Argent since coming to 6E from 4E but maybe this will give me some inspiration to change that. Next payday, I'll get Costa Azul and Transnistria and see how they turn out.

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14 hours ago, Christougher said:

I'm on the fence about Hard Light.  What I most want to see in it is the creation of mundane objects, like a chair.  No spoilers please, but is that covered, and how - application of an existing power or a new power? 

You said no spoilers. It is in the Hero System Advance Player's Guide 2, is called Object Creation, and are on pages 32-34. It is basically for the creation of normal objects out of thin air. You can not use it as a weapon (buy Blast with Indirect and maybe Area of Effect to create something to fall upon people, buy a Hand-To-Hand Killer Attack to create a sword out of the thin air in to your hands, buy Barrier to create walls, buy a Vehicle to create a motorcycle out of thin air).


It does what you want. It is exactly what your looking for. And it is not on the main rules...yet.

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