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What is a skill? What would say, 6 top-level realms of Skill be?

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So, philosophical game-design questions. (and my first take at answers, but I'm really looking for ideas, so please, chime in)

What is a Skill?

Well, I guess a skill is something that anyone might be able to perform, given training, but that they well might have no chance of performing without some sort of training. As opposed to an innate ability which just anyone can do, just by being; or an innate talent that only some gifted sorts can use. Obviously as opposed to a 'power.'

If you could divide very possible skill into six (or pick an arbitrary number you think would work better) categories, of roughly equal number/value/importance across genres, what might they be?

Maybe: Know Stuff, Do Stuff, Figure Stuff Out, Make Stuff, Fix Stuff, Express Stuff.... ? ;)
or maybe: Knowledge, Science, Magic, Social, Physical, Intellectual...?

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