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Where did the Hero Central players go?


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Hero Central, a place online where you could play various flavors of Hero in a play by post format, has been gone for a long time (since 2014, if I remember correctly).  For those of you who played on Hero Central, did you move your games elsewhere, or just stop playing in that format?  Are there any current sites out there that function as a replacement?

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Between my TT group breaking up, and HC going down I haven't gamed Champions in years. :( Much sadness.


I do see some folks are using the option for Clubs for games on this very site. I considered it but the idea hit some snags and then RL slammed me, but you might find something you like there if it's open?



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A good question. Would like to touch base with some of the players who used to frequent there.


If you are one of the ppl below, give me a yell:


Ron Hudson (The Club)

Ned Bacon (Hostile Takeover)

Donovan Winch (The Club)


No pressure.


I was Master Tugun EGB on Hero Central.

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