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April 2021 Super Sitcom Superdraft

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Secret:  Something mysterious happened to Robbie's brother, Chuck, who disappeared one day and is never mentioned again.

The antagonist is Maxwell Lord https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell_Lord

Guest Star: Violet's Uncle Lucius  

1 hour ago, Tjack said:

     Are you going for “Cheers” or something else?

Yes. When I drafted Thor I said he was opening a bar called Hei Skål, which more or less means Cheers.

Thor and Green Goblin are partners. Thor is more like Sam, tending bar often and keeping up a gregarious atmosphere. Green Goblin is Rebecca,the back end guy, keeping books and so forth.  (Also using magic and super science to procure interesting boozes.)

Shadowcat waits tables as Diane (hopefully less the romantic tension). Iron Man is Norm

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My 12% of a plan is to post updates later this afternoon. You have the rest of this week to finalize picks, options, and fiction if you are so disposed (Last pick is scheduled for Wednesday.)


Keep up the great work, everyone!

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Title: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Option: Season Arc: Femizon Drinking Contest


Thor repeated his exploits defeating Mephisto in a drinking contest one too many times. Some of the Femizons think they can pull that off! All season will be advancing stages of the contest. The winner among the Femizons will take on Mephisto, and the winner there will take on Thor. (Mephisto really wants a rematch)



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The Flatmate is the Riddler


The Secret. The Riddler had a breakdown. He cannot find out anyone's secret ID as it will cause a relapse so everyone has to tip toe around him. Despite this the Riddler knows somethig is going on but is not sure what. He is working on finding out what it is.


Option 1 is Robin who is keeping an eye on The Riddler


The Title Don't Riddle Me This !

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The secret: All the problems that Ichigo and Karama have to deal with on their job (ghosts, demons, minor gods, major monsters, elves, elder gods, and outsiders) are all caused by Ivo Shandor trying to destroy the Dreamlands and the dreams of every human on Earth. If he succeeds, Shandor will turn the human race into insomniacs that will gradually grow more violent until they are ravening monsters, and all the creatures that depend on human belief will cease to exist.


The Title: What Dreams May Come



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Sorry, this last month has been crazy.


Playing catch up


Antagonist: Victor Von Doom! 



Having lost Latveria, Doom now rules over Doom Farms and Gardens! His is the superior agricultural technique! His corn more ominous! His squash more ingenious! Pym is indeed a mere ant indeed compared to him in science, AND Farming!



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It's getting to be that time. I'll post one final round of updates today or tomorrow, and then post the pole on Monday. So if you have things you still need to do, now is the time.


Thank you all for playing!

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The Nosy Neighbor:  Harry "Muscleman" Strong Junior i (From the Awesomes)


Harry somehow always ends up coming over, borrowing things, having beers in the Pym living room, and making inappropriate jokes about Indigo . He THINKS he's a friend to Henry, but Pym is this close to shrinking the guy down to the microverse or something. Doesn't help that Bubbles calls him "Uncle Harry!"




The Wacky Comic Relief / The Best Friend: Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle

Ted is actually Pym's best friend in this part of the country, even if he eggs Hank on to get back at Doom now and then with "more better science" he still looks after both Hank and his family. Hank is often straight man to him but he's looking out for him. Ted is also a bit of a sad sack with a smile who laments he just cannot find Mrs Right. He strikes out with more women, and only half jokingly asks Indigo if she has a sister




Guest Star : Storm aka Ororo Munroe

Hated by those she would protect? Not THIS Storm! Among rural America, a lady who can bring the rain or stop the flooding may not be a goddess but she's close! A celebrity at the very least!  She comes to town  and everyone wants her autograph, the local farm girls take fashion tips! And someone tries to hook Ted up with her which never ever goes well



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