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7 hours ago, Starlord said:

Say something a young person wouldn't understand.


Darn, I need another Flashcube!

I got this one right away. I told it to my co-worker, who's mid-40's, and got a blank stare back.  😄

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A couple of years ago I was sitting at the dinner table with my brother, his wife and their three adult children and the conversation mentioned the Police Dept.  So I held my hand up to my face like a radio mike and said “One Adam-12, One Adam-12, see the woman.”   My brother and his wife smiled, and the three kids looked at me like I’d had a stroke.

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Let's go down to the five-and-dime.  


I can't tell you about it on the phone - it's a party line.


- - - - - -


One day years ago we were having trouble finding our cordless phone, and my daughter (then in elementary school) said, "They should make phones that are attached to the wall, so you can't lose them."

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4 minutes ago, Hermit said:

I fear the phrase "Your mouth is writing checks your body can't cash" is making less and less sense to more people. A shame, it was almost lyrical, as warnings go.

Oddly enough, hubby's decided to order more checks today.

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2 hours ago, Cygnia said:

Oddly enough, hubby's decided to order more checks today.


I can't remember the last time I actually wrote a check, honestly.  I'm thinking it might've been for a service call at the house, and the repair guy wasn't set up to take a card.  But that's probably 5, 6 years ago.  Almost as bad:  I'm fairly sure the ONLY things I've mailed out were my federal tax returns.  Why?  E-filing has one major issue:  the data entry is a PITA.  You're taking all the data from the forms and transcribing it...which is also error prone.  Yeah, ok, building the standards and security measures won't be trivial but it should be implemented.  So I have chosen the fillable PDF and snail mail route in some years, altho not this year.


Old fart comments...

"the drug store did a poor job AGAIN of developing the film...they're cheap for a reason, doofus!!!"

Take a Polaroid, it lasts longer...


And let's expand things just a bit.  What things from today, would be included in this thread 20 years from now...what things haven't entirely disappeared, but they're close?
--writing a check to pay at a store (in the checkout line I might see someone ahead of me write a check MAYBE a couple times a year)

--going down to the bank to deposit a check

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