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I've Got My Zed-Suit, I Have My Omni-Gauntlets...


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Sooo...  I ran the adventure "She Blinded Me With SCIENCE!" featuring Zarkon (among others) Sunday evening.  Went very well.


His Zarkonoid robot got time for one soliloquy -- "I am Zarkonoid Zed-naught-one.  Cower before the night of my Kill-o-Z..." -- and then was immediately taken out of the fight by a hero's AoE attack.


(Zarkonoid Z-01 is just a 75-point Follower with 7 PD [5 resistant] / 7 ED [5 resistant], a 6d6 Blast... and Regeneration with Resurrection.  And no, the Zarkonoid does not have any of the fun Automaton powers like Takes no STUN.  Even though the heroes are 300-point starting characters, that attack isn't likely to do much more than tickle them. My plan is for Zarkon to spend XP on increasing the number of Zarkonoids, then maybe later start upgrading their attacks, and then possibly, if he gets around to it, maybe making it so they can take a hit)


Zarkon's announcements of how awesomely powerful he is - with him going from Zarkon, to Lord Zarkon, to Baron Zarkon, to Dark Lord Zarkon all in the same breath - were greatly enjoyed by the players.  I completely forgot to do the accent, though He Talked As If Every Word He Spoke Was Capitalized And Every Sentence Ended With Three Exclamation Points!!!


By the end of the fight, Zarkon and DeCay (gamma radiation-powered rage monster) were the last two standing.  He was surprisingly effective, both in harming / hindering the heroes as well as being cheesy to the nth degree.  Many thanks to all for the suggestions.

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