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It's got some good ideas that often get buried in a very dense, idiosyncratic writing style.


BITS - Beliefs, Instincts, Traits are a great thing - especially Beliefs and Instincts. The first are ways for a player to define what is truly important to their character. It's a good guide for a GM to know where to push plots.


Instincts, on the other hand, are a good short cut for furthering communication between player and GM, indicating things that are automatic for a character. One the one hand, it helps the player ensure that certain things will always be their character's first action unless overruled. On the other hand, they give the GM a way to get the character into dicey situations in a way that stays true to the player's desires for their character. And, of course, as noted, they can be overruled - but do it often enough and it's no longer an instinct.


Then there's the one that I think should be explicitly called out for every single game out there. Let it Ride. When you've made a roll, good or bad, the roll's outcome remains unless and until the circumstances change. (Combat is always changing, of course.)


An example would be picking a lock. If your character fails, just trying again and again won't change anything. But getting ahold of different tools, taking some time to learn more about the lock itself, etc., would change the circumstances enough to give another roll.

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