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What is the ideal Java version for usage?

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I would recommend going to www.java.com and downloading the default JRE (Java Runtime Environment).  It’s the large red button in the center of the main page.  At present, that will give you Java 8, which is more than sufficient to run HD.

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It should run fine on any of the later versions.  My last update was about a year ago, to 13, and HD runs fine.  I have the source code which I'm tweaking (gradually) and IIRC, there's nothing I've been forced to change because it was removed.  (Quite a bit has been deprecated, but that just says "this is allowed in legacy code but we don't recommend you use it in new code;  it is subject to removal in a later version.")  If the only thing you need Java for is HD, then yeah, 8 will work just fine.

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A few things:


1. That's not really a "newer version" or "more current" (in terms of others not being fully supported with patches and updates) -- Java's numbering/versioning system has a history of being confusing.  You installed a different "branch" (for lack of a better way of putting it), with changes in the way Java interacts with the host system.  

2. It's unlikely that there's anything in HD causing the freeze - all features from older versions of Java are supported in all current versions (8, 9, 10, 11, 13, etc.). HD was coded using functionality/syntax introduced in Java 6 and will run fine on all current versions. Most likely scenario is the ever-popular permissions issues between Java and Windows (i.e. trying to save or write files to a directory that Java does not have permissions to)....though there's also a possibility of the version of Java that you've installed not getting along with your host system (particularly in I/O).

3. Java 8 is fully supported and is the recommended version. The current patch/update for Java 8 (aka Java 1.8...a holdover from an old battle between sales and devs) was released on April 20...so still active and supported.

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1. I doubt it'll show any errors (i.e. likely won't help), but post your trace.log file


2. If you're not seeing a file save dialog, it's likely being placed off screen (with HD prefs set to remember dialog size and position).  Delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD and it'll reset all of those.

If 2 works, then there's no need to post the trace.log file...

Thinking there's a possibility that Windows may finally be passing font scaling information to Java, which would throw off positions and sizes of the various dialogs and frames.

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That’s going to be entirely on you then, since it’s not an issue with HD and (from the sound of things) not even related to the Java version on your system.


I’d recommend going back to the basics and looking at your (and, more specifically) Java’s permissions on your system…particularly where you’re running HD from and where you’re looking to save files to.

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