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Dr. Destroyer and Mechanon

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It has been a very long time since I've posted here.  Medical issues. 


So, going into the subject of Enemies,  I want to talk about 2 iconic major bad guys.  Dr. Destroyer said Mechanon. 


Both have been around since basically day 1.  One of the first books was The Island of Dr. Destroyer.


And one of the major first villains was Mechanon.   One wants to rule the world,  the other wants to destroy all life.


Both have had major changes.   The Book of the Destroyer and the Book of the Machine go into great detail. 


But be careful when using them.  Even the easiest incarnations were powerful and dangerous. 


Destroyer uses goons, and only the Book of the Machine describes Mechanon followers.  But he could use others.


High Tech Enemies,  stronghold,  mutant Files, and even viper has robots or Androids.  Some Android villains even have Mechanon in their back story.  So he could use the already made army.  Plot seed!


When using Destroyer or Mechanon,  be sure and use a version that is challenging but not undefeatable.  


Usually work up to the main character by using his minions.   And reward creativity.   


I guess that's all for now.   Thanks for reading.  And you can post things too.


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