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[LFP] [Roll20] [Thu 19:00-21:00ish EST] Champions (Hero System 6th ed)

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Planning a Standard Superhero level game (400 points, 75 in Complications). Basically using the Champions Universe (with the occasional odd tidbit ‘borrowed’ from other places). For those unfamiliar with the Champions Universe It’s a kitchen-sink type of setting, heavily influenced by the comics published by ‘The Big Two’. I favor clear distinction between good and evil (very limited shades of grey), with a feel more ‘four-color’ than ‘grim-dark’.


Experience with Hero System not required - I enjoy teaching the system to new players. You can ping me here or via Discord (John Desmarais#6750) if interested or if you have questions.

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I'm also interested in this game if you're still looking for players. Champions is one of my favorite systems, despite my limited experience with it. 

More importantly, what day do you intend to run your game? Availability is the biggest factor to my being able to play, aside from being selected of course, lol. 

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