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Skill: Primary & 2 Secondary

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In Hero System Skills the Divination is written up that you pick 1 Primary and 2 Secondary for xx points on a skill roll. What would be the best way to do this in HD or is there a Skill I might be missing that would be easy to cut/past/edit for it?

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So many rules deviations/changes...and for an optional/GM permission only Skill that attempts to replicate a Power.


1. It's not part of the core HERO System rules and is not something that will be included in HD by default.


2. If you want to have HD implement the rules for purchasing it, you'd do that the way you always define rules in HD:  a custom template. That said, it will be non-trivial even then as it does not mirror the purchase rules for any other Skill. Your best bet would be to have the player simply define the primary and two secondary methods when purchasing the Skill (simple input field), and then have additional primary and secondary "Adders" available.  Having the secondary Adders with a base cost of 0.5 might work...but you're going to run into all sorts of oddities with rounding rules (and when they occur).


It's just a messy definition and that's going to be reflected in how it's implemented should you choose to go that route.

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Nods. I thought that something similar to enhanced senses as far as writing the template. I figured itd have to be a custom template, working slowly on some of it. Divination is the odd duck in it all 😩

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