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My son's 1st encounter


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My son and I are playing a 4-color hero campaign of which some of you have been quite helpful in putting together. Tonight he encountered 4 thugs chasing a girl down the street. The thugs of course were gaining quickly. He was watching the city from the edge of a 5 story building when he saw this. The character he is running is basically a reskin of Eraserhead from My Hero Academia.

 In his opening maneuver he swings down from the roof using a conveniently placed flagpole and his capture bands and makes a suitable landing. The thugs are unimpressed and proceed to attack. In his 1st phase he uses the capture bands to grab 2 of the thugs and throw them into a nearby wall, at full str. 31 STUN and 6 Body later the two are lying in a heap at the base of the wall after sickening cracks and thuds when they hit. They are not moving and it is obvious that certain limbs are not supposed to be in that position. The other 2 turn and run for their phase. His next phase comes around and this time he only uses half power but rolls really well and again the thugs are left very unconscious and most likely crippled. After checking that the girl is ok he flips across the street (narrowly missing a car) and disappears into the shadows with the sound of sirens approaching. Later the next day the news reports on the newest vigilante "Danger Scarf".


He went to bed crowing with laughter at his new nickname. <shakes my head>

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