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OC: Giant Judo Girl


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So this started as a simple concept, but ended up posing a number of challenges. This is a conversion from a M&M character, and the concept is straight up: she has some martial arts and she grows to be fifty feet all. After my first pass, I noticed she was going to have *ahem* huge END problems, so this is a revised version.



10 STR 0
20 DEX 20
20  CON 10
23 INT 13
15 EGO 5
15 PRE 5

8 OCV 20
9 DCV 30
3 OMCV 0
4 DMCV 3
5 SPD 30

6 PD 4
6 ED 4
10 REC 6
70 END 10
15 BODY 5
40 STUN 10

3 Acrobatics 13-
3 Breakfall 13-
3 Charm 11-
3 CK: base city 12-
3 Combat Driving 13-
3 Conversation 11-
3 Deduction 14-
2 KS: Global Politics 11-
3 KS: History 14-
2 KS: Judo 11-
2 KS: Philosophy 11-
3 Persuasion 11-
2 SC: Chemistry 11-
2 SC: Physics 11-
1 Language (French, fluent conversation)
1 Language (Japanese, fluent conversation)

Martial Arts: Judo
4 Choke Hold
4 Martial Block
4 Martial Disarm
4 Martial Dodge
4 Martial Escape
3 Martial Grab
3 Martial Throw
3 Sacrifice Throw
4 +1 Extra DC

2 Fringe Benefit (hero)
1 Positive Reputation (hero of the city, recognized 11-) +1/1d6


150 Growth (Gigantic template), 1/2 END

10 DNPC: Mom and Dad (Normal, Infrequently)
10 Distinctive Features: Mutant (Not Concealable; Always Noticed; Detectable Only by Unusual Senses)
15 Psychological Complication: Curiosity (Very Common, Moderate)
10 Psychological Complication: Respects authority (Common, Moderate)
15 Psychological Complication: Protects the Innocent (Common, Strong)

15 Social Complication: Public Identity (Frequently, Major)


Characteristics 175
Skills 72
Perks 3
Talents  0
Powers 150

Background/History: Abby was a competitive high school judoka in Los Angeles, California. During a major competitive match, she suddenly doubled in mass, manifesting a previously unknown superhuman ability. Disqualified, she was heartbreaken that her amateur athletic career was over. Too young to compete in superhuman exhibition matches, she threw herself into her studies. Her life changed when a giant interdimensional monster attacked the Bay Area. Donning her motorcycle leathers, her gi, and a morph mask, she joined other local heroes on the scene, and growing to a size greater than she had ever been before, helped battle the monster. Despite her injuries, she was lauded as a hero, and it didn't take long for the news media to unmask the young judoka. She continues to work on her Bachelor degree while working as a reservist superhero and studying mixed martial arts.

Personality/Motivation: Despite her easygoing demeanor, Abby is tough to the core. She acts instinctively to protect others. Abby respects authority figures, seeing herself as a good Samaritan.

Quote: "You're about to have a big problem."

Powers/Tactics: At her normal size, Abby is an an agile adventurer. She knows better than to tangle with truly superhuman threats at her normal strength, however. When her powers are active, she's a fifty-foot tall behemoth, still swift but powerful and durable. Against normal-sized foes, her standard approach is to grab and squeeze, while she will concentrate on immobilizing or knocking prone other large opponents.

Appearance: Abby is an athletic young woman of Japanese and British descent with chin-length straight hair. In her civilian identity she wears casual to slightly conservative clothes, the look you might expect of an aspiring academic. As Giant Judo Girl, she wears a a three-toned white, light blue, and blue gi, a blue headband, black and blue athletic pants, and black slippers, with kneepads and gloves.

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Yeah, when I make NPCs based off M&M I have to remind myself that M&M has no End stat.  Like my version of the Villain Mastermind who has a TK Strength 80, Fully IPE, Fine Manipulation, Line of Sight (120+ 60+10+ 120 = 310 pts power means End of 31!!!!! OUCH!)


As to the build, nice, but can she go intermediate sizes.  Like is it FULL SIZE and nothing else, or can she go 6m tall (24 ft)?                                         

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