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Multipower slot question

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No.  To accomplish that effect, you'd need to take Variable Limitations (-¼) on the MP, and therefore define a -½ Limitation on each slot.  Then you have the other slots meet the required Limitation with OIF, but have the slot in question meet it with some other -½ worth of Limitations.

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I’m trying to make an attack Multipower


Multipower (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity)

HKA (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity)

RKA (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity)

HA (+1/2 No OIF needed)


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Just buy the slots with OIF to be that and don't buy it on the base cost.  Yes, there's not much cost savings that way, but it works the way you want it to.


Alternately, buy the entire multipower OIF but then the HA outside the multipower; its not part of your "weapon of opportunity" power set.

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Think of it this way, in order to qualify for the Focus limit, someone has to be able to take the foci from you.  If someone took the character you are statting out, stripped them naked & put them in an empty room then they don't have weapons of opportunity.  Every part of the multipower with that limit stops working.  If you took the limit on the reserve, then the reserve stops working and it can't power the slot.  So the whole thing stops working even if the slot you want to "turn on" didn't have the limit.  Which is why it's illegal to do it this way.


If you only want the limit on 2 of the 3 slots, you can't take it on the reserve.


Alternately, you can buy the HA separately (outside the multipower).  It costs more points, but if you want it to work differently than the reserve, you need to buy it that way.

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