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Help Requested: Compiling Errata for Champions Complete

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Prompted by finding an embarrassingly-significant mistake in Champions Complete's description of Pushing in Heroic campaigns (noted below 🤦🏼‍♂️) , I'm putting together a list of errata for CC. A few known issues are listed below; no need to report these again. But if you've noticed others, please comment below or shoot me a PM, and I'll include them in the list I'm compiling.


Known Errors:

p20: For Pushing in Heroic campaigns, the second sentence should say, "The character gains 5 CP to the ability if the EGO Roll succeeds, +1 more CP per point he makes the roll by."

p91: Should specify the value of the "Gate" Limitation for Teleport (-1/2).

p97: Area Of Effect (Line) should read: "Covers a straight line 2m wide, 2m tall, and up to 16m long. Each additional +1/4 Advantage doubles the width, the height, or the length of the Line. The target point is the center of the short edge of the Line (i.e., where the Line "begins")."

p102: Costs Endurance to Maintain can also be applied to Aid and Drain (to create Boost and Suppress), to Multiform (to make it cost END every Phase to remain in an alternate form), and to other Powers with lingering effects, including Dispel, Flash, Summon, and Transform.

p110: Mental Defense Adds to Ego can also be applied to Transforms that work against EGO.

p112: Only Works Against [Limited Type of Attack] also applies to Absorption and Reflection.

p129: Vulnerability Table. Where it says "1x damage or effect," that should be "1 1/2x damage or effect."


When reporting errors, I'm basically looking for two kinds:


  1. Places where CC gets a rule wrong (such as Pushing in Heroic campaigns) or leaves out a key bit of information (such as the value of the Gate Limitation)
  2. Simple typos (such as the dropped "to" in the description of Affected As More Than One Sense on p96)


I don't mean things where you think a rule should work a different way; I only mean things where you think a rule does work a different way. 🙂


When it seems like I've collected enough (or when submissions slow down), I'll compile the list and make it available in various places (here, the Facebook Hero System group, etc.) Thanks!

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4 hours ago, Chris Goodwin said:

I don't know if this counts as errata, but in CC ("The Madder I Get, The Stronger I Get!" on p. 211) the Increased Maximum Effect Advantage is applied to Aid, when in 6e1 it's specified that the only way to increase the Aid maximum is to buy more dice. 


Thanks, Chris! I knew about that one; it was one of the first spotted, and I have an email exchange between me and Jason about it back in Oct. 2012, but I didn't have on my list. I guess my brain wants to keep forgetting that rule. ;)  I'll add it for sure. :) 

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