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Notes on the Warning/Moderation System


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The following is really only going to apply to a relatively small number of people, but it's still good information to have out there.


I wanted to take a quick moment to run through some of the changes to the warning system that came through with the recent update to the site.  Before I get into the specifics of how they work, a quick comment on when warnings are handed out:


The moderators on this site (myself included) will hand out a warning when a post is viewed to have crossed "the line".  For folks wondering exactly where that line is so that you can tread close to it but not cross it, don't.  Just don't.  If you try to tread close to the line, you're going to run afoul of it eventually, either because you screw up or because we shift the line...and as you'll see below that can add up and result in your no longer being able to access the site at all.  Just be nice -- this is a forum for an RPG.  Treat others with respect, don't be inflammatory, and all will be good.  In the words of Wil Wheaton:  "Don't be a dick."


So...on to the warning system.  Anytime someone receives a warning, they will receive 1 point. As the points accrue, the penalties get worse.

1 point:  posts for the next 72 hours will go into a moderation queue, where they will be reviewed by the moderators prior to being visible to the general public

2 points: posts for the next 14 days will go into a moderation queue and the poster will be prevented from posting anything for 24 hours (a short time out)

3 points: moderation for 60 days, no posting for 2 days

4 points: moderation for 120 days, no posting for 30 days

5 points: banned from the site

As a general rule, the moderators (and particularly this admin) like to be bored. When we are forced to work (i.e. take action), it's annoying.  We don't _want_ to give out warnings.  We want to sit back and enjoy the site. If you do manage to post something that gets a warning, your best option is to take your medicine and treat it as just that: a warning. Arguing your point with us just creates more work for us...which is not going to end well. If you feel you must argue your point, you would be well advised to understand the above comment about what makes a happy moderator (or admin) -- approach it carefully and delicately.  You're asking for forgiveness...if you attack the moderators, additional warnings (often plural) will be levied.  I'm significantly nicer when people attack me than when they attack a moderator (and I'm not that nice when someone attacks me).

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