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Can't Break Entangle

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Running HCM 1.13 on Windows 10 (also tested on Ubuntu 20).  If a character is entangled, and attempts to break free, the entangle never takes any damage.  Attached is a video file showing what I'm attempting.  I've also attached the log file with trace level debugging turned on.

2021-06-29 11-24-06.zip


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Yes that is a bug.  When using a normal attack to break free of an entangle, the normal body doesn't seem to get through.  When using a killing attack it works.  The work around is to use the GM Adjust.  Sorry about that.  I will work on a fix this weekend.

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☹️ Sorry to say, I won't be releasing the update this week (7/9/2021).  While I was testing I found another error that occurs after a character tries to break free of an Entangle.  I was ready to try and debug it last night when we got a call from one of our adult children asking "Dad could you help us out?"  In any case I hope to have this wrapped up quickly in the next couple of days.

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