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Happy July 3rd !!!!!

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Happy July 3rd !


Yes ! It is July 3rd !

The ideal day to have a party, have a drink and really overdo it as you have the Sunday to let it wear off before you go back to work on Monday. It is not as if anything important is happening on the 4th is it ?


So Happy July 3rd !

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It's an ideal day to have a party to distract you from the cretins who set off those *@#$ salutes (the BOOM! fireworks with no visuals) at any hour they please.  Illegally down here, but it doesn't stop them;  it doesn't even slow them down.

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1 hour ago, Cancer said:

Tonight is the night the idiots in my half of the continent start setting the countryside on fire with gunpowder doped with heavy metal salts.


One of my neighbors has been shooting off fireworks since last week. I expect him to continue well after this weekend, and some night in November, when he launches fireworks at 10 pm for some reason.


One of my sisters has her birthday on the 4th, so the family will celebrate by visiting the Interactive Van Gogh Museum in San Francisco.


Just for a lark, I held a "Red, White & Blue Sale" in LOTRO, selling a bunch of red, white, and blue dyes and fireworks. It sold out within hours. I didn't make much money, but I have a lot more inventory spaces now.

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Nice to know it is not just my neighbors that do the illegal fireworks.   Its been illegal for something like 10+ years...but 4th and New Years will have HOURS of the stuff going on.   At least with the 4th they only go between 9-11 at night.    New Years goes till 2am or longer.

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Thanks, Tribble!


Had a great time.  Typically here in the US, when July 4 is on a Sunday, we do the big send-ups on Saturday so that more people are able to stay up for the festivities.  Well, more kids anyway; more than half of us adults have to work Sundays, too, so....


Still, we went to a big show at the beach, stayed out and swam and had a late-night picnic while everyone else was fighting their way off the island, then enjoyed a quiet and leisurely ride home (while everyone else laid their seats back and took a nap.  There are down sides to being Dad, I think....)


There were street vendors for crafts, acrobats, puppets, and local artists doing their thing.



Oh, hey--


that reminds me.  I got you something!




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On 7/4/2021 at 3:05 PM, Pariah said:


1812 Overture?

You think you make joke, but my sister says, in fact, yes. 1812 Over-and-Overture. I guess her cats think the booms from fireworks are just part of the score, so they aren't startled and freak out.


This year, it didn't matter. Her local knuckleheads kept up such a continuous barrage that her cats got used to the noise and so ignored it. She couldn't get to sleep, though, until about 4 a.m.


Dean Shomshak

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Half of our outside cats are still so freaked that they haven't shown back up.


We've never actually lost one due to July 4th but it's always a concern.


The indoor cats didn't notice the extra noise at all.

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