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Custom Adder - Electronics and Systems Operation


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I'm using build 20210301.


If I buy the Electronics or Systems Operation skills and then add a Custom Adder to either of them of 1 or 2, then the cost of the skill drops to 2 from the default cost of 3. At higher Custom Adder numbers, the cost of these two skills just becomes the Custom Adder value instead of the base cost plus the Custom Adder value.


For example, I buy Electronics then add a Custom Adder of 1 or 2, the active points and real cost drops to 2. If I change the Custom Adder value to 8, then the active points and real cost becomes 8 instead of 11.


I haven't noticed this on any other skills. Mechanics functions normally in its calculation, for example. Just these two skills doing the weird math.

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To explain a bit better (now that I have a free moment):  6E removed the default categories, but the decision was to leave the rules in place so that those that wanted to use them could still add them in (either they way you did or through a rules template)

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