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The Confluence War

Acroyear II

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Has anyone ever run The Confluence War scenario from the Mystic Masters sourcebook? I have been running a mystic masters campaign intertwined with my superhero campaign since 2005, and I'm preparing to bring it to a close (of sorts), and was looking to use The Confluence War as the final scenario for that campaign. The PCs are all students of the Revered Elder, and have had many adventures as his pupils, so it seems like a good choice of an adventure to end on, saving the multiverse and all that. I had read in Allen Varney's campaign notes on his own Mystic Masters campaign (of which he used to write the sourcebook of the same name) he had the Revered Elder sacrifice himself to save his students and the multiverse from Tyrannon and his Thanatic Rod. But his writings, nor the Mystic Masters sourcebook, makes no mention of the fate of the Revered Elder's former pupil, Vincent Dimitrios, while the official Champions Universe sourcebook timeline (4th Edition) states that on December 26th, 1990, Vincent Dimitrios was freed from the Thanatic Rod by the Circle.


I'm curious if anyone out there has ever run The Confluence War scenario in their own campaigns, and if so, wouldn't mind sharing their experiences with it. Did you run it as is, or did you chance certain elements of the story, and if so, which elements?

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