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Football news


Sheffield Wednesday pull off the biggest comeback in EFL play off history. Down 4-0 from first leg they win second leg 5-1 and then win 5-3 on penalties



West Ham will play Fiorentina in Europe Conference League Final after winning their semi final but the game was marred by crowd violence. West Ham were last in a European Cup final in 1976




Roma will play Sevilla in another European final on 31st May after triumphing over two legs by a single goal. They are managed by Jose Mourinho



Manchester City will play Inter Milan in the Champions League final on June 10th. City put out Real Madrid while Inter beat AC Milan

All the finals are late this year because of the World Cup.

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Einer Rubio wins stage 13 of the Giro d'Italia. The race was shortened by bad weather and the start was delayed. 41 rides have now left the race.



Also Italian Grand Prix cancelled due to the bad weather which had caused flooding in Italy. This was done a couple of days ago


EDIT: to add BBC link

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Yeah, pretty much a 15 minutes moment for Michael Block, the club pro.  He's 46.  Going by his career stats from the PGA tour website, this is the first time he's made a cut in 9 years...he made 2 cuts in 6 events in '14.  Only played a handful of Tour events since then.  Now he gets into the PGA, makes the cut, and pulls off a top-15...which means 


a) $288,333 won.  For a club pro.

b)  automatic entry into next year's PGA.  No need to qualify.  Doesn't guarantee anything in the end...unless the PGA starts giving out small-ish shares to players that don't make the cut.

c)  Sponsors' exemptions into at least 2 events so far.  

d)  I've heard he may get some endorsement/sponsorship deals out of this too.  Never hurts.


He may just fall right back into obscurity, but hey, he'll remember this forever.

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I like watching tennis, generally.  There's pet peeves...some of which have been addressed, like slow pace of play.  


But there's one that still lingers...the ridiculous practice of "checking the mark" on a clay court, rather than use an automated system like Hawkeye.  There's NOTHING good about checking the mark.  It's slow, it's horrifically error-prone, and therefore the chair umpire's call is not respected, leading to arguments.  


Match right now in Lyon, France, an ATP 250, semifinal match, tied at a set each, 3rd set is at 5-4...so every point is HUGE now.  The kid in the lead thinks he's broken to win...but NOOOO...the chair overrules.  The kid's French, too, so the crowd's not happy.  He loses the break to make it 5-5;  both players hold to send it to a tiebreaker.  The bad taste isn't going to the tiebreak, it's from the terrible method to overrule.


Well...since the French starts Sunday, everyone's playing clay.  Numerous 250-level events.  A 250 isn't that big of a tournament...they may not be able to afford Hawkeye or Shot Spot, cuz they're pretty sophisticated, multi-camera systems.  But what they've said many times this week:  the ATP has promised that ALL ATP tour events will have full electronic line calling...which goes the logical step further, and eliminates line judges...by 2025.  The grand slams aren't run by the ATP, so they may not follow suit...especially Wimbledon and the French.  Can't wait, tho.  The matches simply run smoother.  The players generally prefer that;  even with electronic replay, there's second-guessing yourself, was that in or out?  


Well, at least in the end, the French kid won out in the tiebreak.  BIG deal...winning the match moved him from 99 to about 84 in the live rankings, and he pockets another 20,000 euros...with a shot at moving inside the top 70 and pocket another 35,000 euros if he can win the title.

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Another incident of a horrible result due to bad rules.

Penn State vs. Duke, the lacrosse national championship semis.  15-15 at the end of regulation...lacrosse often has high scoring.  The OT rule is.....next goal wins.  So *each possession* is huge, much more than hockey, soccer, or football.  


Duke gets the faceoff.  Move the ball, move the ball.  An attack on the goal...the kid dives as he shoots...the fact that there's a stick involved allows lacrosse shots to happen from an amazing variety of angles and positions...it's IN!!!  GAME OVER!!!




Lacrosse has a circle by the goal, called the crease.  Offensive players can't be in the crease, as that would interfere with the goalie, and likely for safety.  


The shooter's right foot was clearly OVER the crease line.  It's hard as heck to see, but a replay angle showed it.


Crease violations are not reviewable.  Reviews for some things are allowed at the national quarterfinals and later...but not for crease violations.  And this is on the sudden victory shot.


Second semifinal is coming up shortly.  The final is Monday.  

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Amusement in the NHL.  Vegas Knights take the first 3 in the western semis, but lose game 4 in Dallas...and now game 5 in Vegas.  So it's going back to Dallas with Vegas up 3-2...but now probably with more pressure on them.  Dallas is under "win or go home" pressure, but hey, they've greatly beaten the odds by getting this far.


And in the NBA finals...Boston had, I believe, a 9 point lead going into the 4th.  Miami makes a run to tie...but a funky play when they had a 1 point lead, led to a basket with an and-1 foul, AND a technical foul...giving Boston a 3 point lead.  It grew to 7 with only a couple minutes left.  Miami comes back.  With 17 seconds left, Celtics up 1, Marcus Smart gets fouled...and makes 1 of 2.  Miami gives Butler the ball...he weaves down the right side with Horford on him.  Bit of a fumble, Butler goes up, Horford rakes across the arms.  Butler's behind the line...3 FTs.


Butler makes all 3.  Miami has a 1 point lead with 3 seconds left.  Boston calls TO.  Inbound to Marcus Smart.  QUICK!!! turnaround...RIMS OUT!!!


BUT!!!  A Celtic's sitting under the bucket...tips.........GOES IN!!!!  

HUGE QUESTION...was it in time???  This is one of the situations where the NBA's made great rules...there's all kinds of evidence.  So was it????  



CELTICS WIN BY 1 and force a game 7.  Miami fans are going...whwwhwhwhwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????????


Teams up 3-0 have been 149-0  150-0, I forgot Denver.  This is only the 4th time it's reached 3-3.  So now we have the Battle of the Aphorisms in Boston.

"There is nothing new under the Sun"....


"There's a first time for everything."

What kinda bites is, game 6 in the NHL western final is also Monday, and they start only a half hour apart.  Well...TNT makes it easy to stream the hoops.

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I never thought I'd find myself cheering for the Dallas Stars to make the Stanley Cup finals, but here we are. 


As for Celtics-Heat, I have to go for Boston. But I'll be cheering for the Nuggets in the finals either way.

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Mark Cavendish wins the final stage of the Giro d'Italia while Primoz Roglic won the race overall with Thibault Pinot winning the King of the Mountains and Jonathan Milan won the sprint classification.

Mark Cavendish has won at least one stage in each of the seven Giro d'Italia editions has has contested and at 38 is the oldest winner of a stage.



Max Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix


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I watched that race in Monaco. To my American mind, I marveled that the race hadn't been called when the downpour came, and cars started sliding all over the drack. It is fortunate there were no injury crashes. How could you race in these conditions, just trying to see enough that you can avoid smashing into the car ahead of you when your visor is being hit with so much water you can barely make out your own gear switch?

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Eh, they *can* drive with some moisture, because F1 handling issues are just different than oval-course racing.  F1 requires a broader skillset as a car designer or driver, I'd think, but driving in the wet isn't, IMO, part of that.

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22 hours ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

I watched that race in Monaco. To my American mind, I marveled that the race hadn't been called when the downpour came, and cars started sliding all over the drack. It is fortunate there were no injury crashes. How could you race in these conditions, just trying to see enough that you can avoid smashing into the car ahead of you when your visor is being hit with so much water you can barely make out your own gear switch?


It has to be absolutely pouring before an F1 or endurance race gets red-flagged. The tires are designed to move a phenomenal amount of water off the track (something like 10s of liters per second per tire). Sunday's rain in Monaco barely counted. 

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