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Terrible Writing Advice: Rebels


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Somebody actually replied!  : D


But I wasn't thinking about lazy-to-nonexistent worldbuilding, or the monetization of sequels, so much as deconstructing what rebels are.  I should probably make it a more specifically topical thread...

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I'm tempted to suggest posting this in the Champions Now subforum.


An unfortunate effect of the examples provided in that book is that people seem to assume that you are supposed to use it to play vapid liberal versions of social dissent.


It's an excellent Silver Age game, and even if you wanted to play leftish politics, you can do it without being boring or dumb.

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Sorry for not replying sooner - but I watched it.


Very funny. It got me thinking (again) - just what are the Rebels rebelling against in the new Star Wars movies? I mean, they won. They've set up a government. Even it's not galaxy wide hegemony they are no longer rebels. Maybe they could go by The Alliance of Worlds. Or, you know, The Federation. Yeah that'd work, no problem with that one.


The New Order are the rebels now. The New Order may think of themselves as The Empire and the Alliance/Federation should call them something like Anti-Revolutionary Reactionaries, but at the end of the day the New Order are rebs. 


Some pretty poor world building.

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