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Powersurge is the wife of Powermonger. She wears a female variant of her husband's armor, and enjoys the same diplomatic immunity he does.  They have a quite open marriage and has  cravings for lovers of both genders. It should be noted that she doesn't actually love anyone but herself (she stays with Powermonger out of a sense of loyalty), and has been known to kill anyone who doesn't please her or she gets bored of.


It is assumed that Powermonger is quite similar in this regard.

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The police liaison is Officer Ralph Russell .  Ralph is a simple man intrested only in helping Justice Force Omega in stopping supercrime from hurting the non-powered citizens of the city. He thinks the active love lifes of Justice Force Omega are rather silly and a distraction from true justice. 


Ralph is asexual and unattached. 


In the show he is both the voice of reason and the constant reminder of what JFO is fighting for, the protection of normal people from the villains. 

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22 hours ago, death tribble said:

Captain Thunder. Super soldier programme volunteer who was a member of Justice Force Omega. Turned from true patriotism towards to intolerance and bigotry. Fights against anything he considers anti-American.

Oo!  I can just imagine all the fanboys complaining about this making the show "too political," as if superhero comics never were.  I can also imagine all my spicy hot takes, but you can as well so I've no need to prove my point.  ; )


I'll need some time to think up a proper contribution, but...um...  Stonewall.  The gay, earthbending rock-guy.  Who was gay.  And only had plotlines related to such.  Well-meaning, but controversial due to the character's lack of depth.  Quite the shock to the creator and writer of the character, but they never looked beyond their arthouse bubble anyway.


Yes, I'm just as lazy as the show's producers.  : p

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