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Back To School: The September 2021 Superdraft


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Ring the bell, ‘cause school’s back in session!




All right kiddos, get out your Trapper Keepers and your No. 2 pencils and polish those apples, because it’s time for the September 2021 Superdraft: Back to School!


In this superdraft, you will select some school or academy environment and populate it with fictional characters in some kind of story. Hogwarts, Starfleet Academy, Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Forks High School, whatever. Choose your school from fiction, or make up one of your own. Then choose characters to fill the following traditional school roles:

  • The School / Location: This is the first pick. Identify your school and its location.
  • The Mentor: This is (usually) an adult that provides guidance for the students. It could be a headmaster, a teacher, a coach, a famous alumnus, or whatever. This role often serves as a surrogate parent for characters who, for whatever tragic reason, don’t have parents of their own.
  • The Superstar: Sometimes known as The Jock, this character is one of the school’s most high-profile students and represents the school in some form of competition. Mundane teen movies often feature football players, basketball players, or cheerleaders in this role. More esoteric stories may feature chess players or stars in otherworldly sports like Quidditch. 
  • The Popular Kid: Everyone knows this student. Everyone aspires to be as popular as this kid is ... or almost everyone, anyway. Loved, envied, or perhaps even despised by some, It matters little to them as long as everyone knows who they are.
  • The Teacher’s Pet: This is the straight-A student that teachers (and some parents) wish their kids could be more like. Friendly, responsible, and never turning away from a challenge, this character is beloved of (most) teachers and often envied by peers.
  • The Troublemaker: There’s one in every class, isn’t there? This student isn’t necessarily a bad person, they just have a bad attitude. They don’t like other people’s silly rules and they won’t jump through other people’s silly hoops to meet their silly expectations. 
  • The Free Spirit: Every school seems to have those students who meander to the beat of their own drummer. They may come across as odd, spacey, or out-of-touch, but they generally have good hearts and are a good deal more aware of things than they appear to be.
  • The Antagonist: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This is the Big Bad of the story. They may be another student, someone the school kicked out, or maybe even a teacher or other staff member. In any case, they have an axe to grind and they definitely don’t have the heroes’ best interests in mind.
  • The Dragon: For every Big Bad with grandiose aspirations, there’s a trusted underling who does most of the actual work. This is The Dragon. It may be a small group of people instead of just one person, but the role is the same. Students will probably have more day-to-day contact with this character than with the Antagonist. 
  • Options: There will be two Options slots available to fill in anything, characters or otherwise, not covered by the categories above. 


All the usual rules for drafting characters will apply:

  • Only fictional characters are allowed; no real people. (Fictional versions or expies of real people are allowed.)
  • Once a character is drafted, all other versions of that same character are off the board (e.g., drafting Ant-Man Hank Pym removes all other versions of Hank Pym from consideration).
  • Different characters using the same name may be drafted (e.g., Ant-Man Scott Lang could be drafted after Ant-Man Hank Pym has been drafted). 
  • Draft one character to fill each role listed above. (Exception: The Dragon may be a small group.)
  • The School / Location must be your first pick. After that, picks may be made in any order.
  • Pictures and/or links to characters, especially characters that not everyone will immediately recognize, are very helpful. 


Due to Monday being a holiday in the States, we will begin drafting on Tuesday, September 7th at noon Eastern Daylight Time. (Check local listings to see what time that is where you live.) We will select one pick per day until Friday, September 17th. After allowing a few days for catching up and writing stories, I will post a poll on or around Friday, September 24th. The poll will close on Thursday, September 30th.


Any questions? Let me know. Otherwise, we’ll start the draft roughly 48 hours from now. 


So get a move on. You don’t want to be late for class!



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This space reserved for rosters.


Player: Bazza

Title: Double Trinity

The School / Location: Midtown School of Science and Technology
The Mentor: Steve Rogers
The Superstar:  Clark Kent
The Popular Kid: Tony Stark
The Teacher’s Pet: Diana Prince

The Troublemaker:  Bruce Wayne
The Free Spirit: Thor Odinson
The Antagonist: Darkseid
The Dragon:  Victor Von Doom
Option: T'Challa (new kid)
Option: Peter Parker (science teacher)


Player: Cancer

Title: Iä! Iä! Miskatonic fhtagn!

The School / Location: Miskatonic Preparatory Academy, Arkham, MA
The Mentor: The Astronomer (Wild Cards)
The Superstar: Herman Munster (The Munsters)
The Popular Kid: Jack Sparrow (PotC)
The Teacher’s Pet: Erik (Phantom of the Opera, 1925 film)

The Troublemaker: Ellen Ripley (Alien)
The Free Spirit: Frank N. Furter (Rocky Horror)
The Antagonist: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)
The Dragon: The Ghostbusters (Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddemore)
Option: Technology internships at local "nuclear" power facility
Option: Music (Meat Loaf's Back Into Hell)


Player: csyphrett

Title: Tommyknockers Workshop

The School / Location: Derry High School, Derry, ME
The Mentor: John Smith (Dead Zone)
The Superstar:  Charley Brewster (Firestarter)
The Popular Kid: Lisey Landon (Lisey's Story)
The Teacher’s Pet: Carrie White (Carrie)

The Troublemaker: Roland the Gunslinger (Dark Tower)
The Free Spirit: Danny Torrance (The Shining)
The Antagonist: Leland Gaunt (Needful Things)
The Dragon:  Randall Flagg (Golden years)
Option: Cujo, monster-hunting dog
Option: Harlan Williams, school janitor 


Player: Death Tribble

Title: Love Conquers All

The School / Location: The X-Mansion, Salem Center, NY
The Mentor: Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève (Kushiel's Legacy)
The Superstar:  Selina Kyle (Batman)
The Popular Kid: Archie Andrews (Archie Comics)
The Teacher’s Pet: Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

The Troublemaker: Ferris Beuller (Ferris Beuller's Day Off)
The Free Spirit: Faith Lehane (Buffy)
The Antagonist: Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night)
The Dragon:  Frankenstein's Monster Creature (Boris Karloff portrayal)
Option: Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks)
Option: Faux Necronomicon / ancient Kama Sutra


Player: Hermit

Title: Merlin's Garden - Witches, Wizards, and Weeds!

The School / Location: The CIRCLE's Garden, near Camelot
The Mentor: Merlin (Arthurian legend)
The Superstar:  Toph Beifong  (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
The Popular Kid: Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)
The Teacher’s Pet: Jennifer Walters 

The Troublemaker: Harry Dresden
The Free Spirit: Jordan (Real Genius)
The Antagonist: Judge Claude Frollo (Disney's Hunchback)
The Dragon:  Lord Darkness (Legend)
Option: Magical substitution
Option: Unclaimed Arthurian mythos


Player: Logan.1179

Title:  Doing Time in San Dimas

The School / Location:  San Dimas High School, San Dimas, CA
The Mentor: Rupert Giles (Buffy)
The Superstar: Wally "The Flash" West
The Popular Kid: Robert "Bobby" "Iceman" Drake (X-Men)
The Teacher’s Pet: Jimmy Olsen (Superman)

The Troublemaker: Harleen "Harley Quinn" Quinzel (Batman)
The Free Spirit: Doreen "Squirrel Girl" Green (Marvel)
The Antagonist: Alexander Luthor
The Dragon: Deadpool
Option:  Franklin Richards (F4)
Option:  Reed Richards (F4)


Player: Pariah

Title: Ivanova's Angels

The School / Location: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, 24th Century Earth
The Mentor: Captain Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)
The Superstar: Kim Possible (Disney Channel)
The Popular Kid: Mary Batson (Shazam)
The Teacher’s Pet: Carmen Ibanez (Starship Troopers)

The Troublemaker: Jennifer Hailey (Stargate SG-1)
The Free Spirit: Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
The Antagonist: Commandant Mele-On Grayza (Farscape)
The Dragon:  Red Squadron (DS9)
Option: The starship Heart of Gold (Hitchhikes Guide)
Option: Dr. Device (Ender's Game)


Player: Psybolt

Title:  Riverdale: The Revenge of the Goblin King 

The School / Location: Riverdale High School, Riverdale USA
The Mentor: Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
The Superstar:  Claire Bennet (Heroes)
The Popular Kid: Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
The Teacher’s Pet: Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)

The Troublemaker:  Laura (Logan)
The Free Spirit: Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)
The Antagonist: Jareth, The Goblin King (Labyrinth)
The Dragon:  Miss Minutes (Loki)
Option: Ben Linus (Lost)
Option: Grogu (The Mandalorian)

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